Oscars 2015 - Part 1

Since the Oscars will take place on Sunday, an I am loving this very special event
I thought I could do a series of Oscar related posts...or three or four ;)

At first I´d like to look back on all the amazing, iconic gowns, worn by the lovely ladies in Hollywood
and these are really really hard to choose!
First I wanted to narrow it down to ten...nooo way there are too many
then I thought 20 should be possible...now I have 27... :)
Well I hope you like looking at pictures from pretty dresses ;) if not :( sorry about that, but there are so many other blogposts here ;)

Bette Davis 1939

Marilyn Monroe 1951

Elisabeth Taylor 1953

Audrey Hepburn 1954 in Givenchy

Grace Kelly 1955 in Edith Head

Audrey Hepburn 1968 in Givenchy

Lauren Hutton 1975 in Christian Dior

Cher 1986 in Bob Mackie 

Cindy Crawford 1993

Nicole Kidman 1997 in Christian Dior

Gwyneth Paltrow 1999 in Ralph Lauren

Halle Berry 2002 in Elie Saab

Hilary Swank 2005 in Guy Laroche

Keira Knightley 2005 in Vera Wang

Penelope Cruz  2007 in Atelier Versace

Heidi Klum 2008 in John Galliano

Gwyneth Paltrow 2012 in Tom Ford

Jessica Chastain 2012 in Alexander McQueen

Penelope Cruz 2012 in Armani Privé

Amy Adams 2013 in Oscar de la Renta

Jennifer Lawrence 2013 in Dior haute couture

Naomi Watts 2013 in Armani Privé

Sally Field 2013 in Valentino

Lupita Nyongo 2014 in Prada

Kate Hudson 2014 in Atelier Versace

Jennifer Lawrence 2014 in Dior couture

Jennifer Lopez 
2007 in Marchesa, 2003 in Valentino and 2001 in Chanel haute couture

of cause there are so many others, which are so pretty, but you would read this post until next week if I would show you every single dress I love ;)

I loved this little collection :) very cute and found here

For more inspiration or I if you are really nosy now
click here or here

Did you like it?
And which one is your favourite one?

Have a lovely weekend

all pictures are found on google


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