two GlossyBoxes January

a little delayed review, a huge disappointment and a calming compensation
this was the first titel I had for this post and
I was not amused!!!
...well Glossy Box lost a huge chunk of my sympathy in december after discontinuing my subscription without even telling me after some weird problems with my payment instructions.
Well...I had to reactivate it or  make a new subscription, what it did...
okay my december box came...
At first I thought I could review them in two different posts but...I waited sooo long for this disappointment and I was very, very frustrated.
There is not so much to share about the products in this box, because I´ve received three items I´ve got before...well thank you very much. And unfortunately that was not the only downside about that box...
I was really obsessed and I couldn´t keep myself from writing a pretty indignant mail to the GlossyBox service team. If the nice lady who answered me is reading this...sorry about that ;)
She nicely wrote back to me saying that they apologise and they would send me the regular december box without me paying for it =) thank you I was very happy unpacking it

Okay well today I will share everything GlossyBoxish with you ;)

the first DecemberBox

Benefit it´s potent eye cream
well I was very happy about this item...I love this cream and now I have a second little char
read all about it here

Nails inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Top coat
I like this top coat it does a wonderful job...but how should i ever use two in one life?
Ma sister was happy about it ;) infos here

Goldwell. Style Sign Glamour Whip
Its not bad and I think I can use here

Okay and the two items that are new:

Balance Me 
Shine On tinted lip salve
The ingredients are all very good and natural, but the smell of this balm kills me...I could immediately throw up  when I smell it. And that is a pity because it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, cacao butter, jojoba oil and mango-seed-oil, so many amazing ingredients which foster your lips very much.
Unfortunately I can´t tell you anything about this balm and how good or bad it is...I just can´put anything on my lips with this smell :(

Nougat London Limited
Sparkling Body shimmer
At first sight this body shimmer looks pretty frightening in the some weird halloween make up, but on the skin it is absolutely pretty. And not only pretty it fosters your skin with hollyhocks extract, Vitamin E and wheatgerm oil, oh and it smells...

the actual DecemberBox
The Winter Moments Edition

look at this amazing, cute Box and the red ribbon :) absolutely lovely

All over glow

This is an oil-free lightweight luminizing gel, enriched with micronized pearlescent pigments & jasmine extract to highlight the face for a fresh, radiant complexion.
It is a easy to use Highlighter, just dab it onto cheekbones and brow bones with your finger and blend it out with a brush...actually just like a normal Highlighter. Oh and an extra bonus it is cruelty free :)
Well at first I was not so sure about this highlighter and I still think that it wouldn´t become my favourite one, but I do like the colour and it looks pretty if you use it carefully and not too much

Claire Fisher
Regenerating Night-Handcream

In this regenerating hand creme is valuable canola oil and coenzyme Q10. These rich ingrediants pamper your hands during the night, foster them intensively and they support the regeneration of your skin...they feel soft and smooth the next morning
I do like this hand creme even if it is a little too rich for my taste...but for a over night creme it is okay. And I am not so sure about the scent either.

Bellápierre Cosmetics
Cosmetic Glitter

Apply these beautiful glitters to eyes, lips, hair, body or even your favourite bubble bath. These are ultra-fine loose cosmetic face and body glitters with which you can enhance your look with subtle touched of glitter and are a fantastic way to add some fun.
For eye makeup I think it is the easiest way to put it on some cream the sparkles can stick a little. I love all the shades they make...even if I would probably never go for a wild pink or a bright blue for a eye makeup..or maybe I should try it once
I don´t know if there will ever be a occasion to use it but I like the silver glitter and I can imagine that it would look really pretty in your hair i.e. on new years eve

Gliss Kur
Million Gloss 10 days shine deep conditioner

this deep conditioner/hair mask promises easy combability and high concentrated shine. The formula with innovative shine-lamination-technology generates long-lasting and breathtaking shine, covers your hair with concentrated gloss-elixir and cases the nutrients and moisture.  They promise that the shine stays for 10 days, but if you use it on a regular basis and together with the million gloss shampoo. and conditioner.
I haven´t tried this yet...sorry...but I´d like to do it like the company said and use it together with the other Million gloss products...I am very good, am I...I do as they tell me to ;)
I will definitely make a blogpost about my experiences once I have some experiences ;)

Lavender relaxing bath milk

A long soak in this bath milk is a ideal therapy for mental exhaustion, overstimulation and restlessness. Its harmonising action  soothes body and mind, reducing tension and easing restlessness. Take a bath in the evening, before bed will help you to promote a peaceful night´s sleep.
Well I am sure it relaxes you and doe an amazing job and iI like the smell of it either, but if you are not an lavender lover tham that will kill is extreme!

Avène Couvrance

This mascara combines all the benefits sought one: volume, definition and bend, without clumping.
It is also and especially usable for sensitive eyes because it is hypoallergenic and without any perfume or preservatives.
Well I do love it :) I think this mascara actually fulfills every promise. Amazing Volume, good definition and oh what a lenghth, oh and I really like the wand of it...even if it is plastic.

Well I don´t know why it took so long to write this blogpost ;)
I think I got these boxes in the first two weeks of january...and I wouldn´t say that I had too much to do the last days...even if they were pretty rough though...well now its online and I hope you will forgive me the long wait
I hope you enjoyed it and that your weekend was as wonderful as mine :) let me know!!!



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