The reading challenge - No.1 - Read a Pulitzer Prize-winning book

Reading a Pulitzer Prize winning book sounds intimidating and I am sure there are many difficult books which won this prize but of cause there are many easy readable examples, too.

At first I´d like to share a few facts about the Pulitzer Prize:
  • award for achievements in newspapers and online journalism, literature and musical composition in the U.S.
  • established in 1917 by Joseph Pulitzer (an american publisher)
  • administered by Columbia University in NYC
  • awarded yearly in 21 categories
  • in 21 categories the winner receives a certificate and a 10,000$ cash award and in the public service category of the journalism competition  the winner is awarded a gold medal

  • it does not automatically consider all works in media, but only those that have specifically entered with a 50$ fee for every desired entry category (max. two). Entries must fin in at least one prize category
  • each year the Pulitzer Prize board selects 102 judges to serve on separate juries (most consist of five members) for the categories. 
  • the categories are: 


Public Service, Reporting, Specialized Reporting Beat Reporting, Breaking News Reporting, General News Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Explanatory Journalism, Explanatory Reporting, Local Reporting, Local Reporting - Edition time, Local Reporting - no edition time, Local general or sport news reporting, Sort News Reporting, Local investigative specialized Reporting, National Reporting, International Reporting, Feature Writing, Commentary, Correspondence, Criticism, Editorial Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Breaking News, Photography, Newspaper History Award Photography, Featuring Photography, Sport News Photography, Telegraphic Reporting - International, Telegraphic Reporting - National. 

Letters, Drama and Music: 
Fiction, Drama, Novel, History, (Auto-)Biography, Poetry, General Non-Fiction and for Music. And there are special awards and citations
  • for more information click here and for inspiration what to read click here or here
  • I picked a few examples for you which I´d like to read personally (well I tried to narrow it down to I have ten...something went wrong here), but there are so many Pulitzer Prize winning books that sound amazing:
  1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (PP for Fiction 1961)
  2. The Road by Cormac McCarthy (PP for Fiction 2007)
  3. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry (PP for Fiction 1986)
  4. The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz (PP for Fiction 2008)
  5. The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields (PP for Fiction 1995)
  6. The Orphan Masters Son by Adam Johnson (PP for Fiction 2013)
  7. Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire (PP for Drama 2007)
  8. A visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (PP for Fiction 2011)
  9. The old man and the sea by Earnest Hemingway (PP for Fiction1953)
  10. Angela´s Ashes by Frank McCourt (PP for Biography or Autobiography 1997)

Well I decided to read: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in this category.


Would you like to read a review about it next week?
After the Pulitzer Prize-winning book I´ll do the book you can read in one day. 
Any suggestions or recommendations?


  1. Love reading. I want to try one on=f these

    check out my newest post

  2. I started reading this book but then decided to leave for when I'll have more time because I think it could be a great one. Great choice.


    1. Thanks Leja :) it is a great one definitely :) dont miss it, its lovely and a must-read


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