GlossyBox January

and here comes the actual January Box
I liked the Body&Soul theme of this box...even if I don´t see so much Body&Soul in every product
but I liked them anyway :)


L´oréal Paris - Elvital
Colour-gloss colour finishing fluid

Dyed hair needs a special treatment and this Fluid fosters it with its deep effect formula with a colour protecting elixir. The nutri-concentrate makes your hair silky, protects it from the sun and that the colour can´t fade. A special light-reflecting-system creates incredible glossy shine and the ingredients reconstructs the hair structure and repairs it.
I can´t say so much about this product yet. I have tried it and until now it is okay...nothing overwhelming, but I would not allow myself a verdict until I´ve used it properly :)
For any reviews just leave a comment and I will do one :)

So Susan Cosmetics
Consealer Quad

It is a compact of four concealer shades, ranging from pure ivory to deep tan, that cover dark shades, blemished and minor imperfections. The different shades enables you to truly customize it for a perfect shade that will match your skin tone regardlessness of season. The texture blends seamlessly into the skin to create a flawless complexion. It is formulated with virgin maula oil to replenish chapped and dry skins and 100% cruelty free.
I´ve got a few products of So Susan Cosmetics and honestly I didn´t like them all too much...and I am not too sure about this one too...hmm...don´t know why actually ;) I do like the idea though, you have a quad for highlighting, anti dark circles, blemish creme and contouring...that is all in one and thus perfect for traveling. The only downside about this and the reason why I´m not the biggest fan of this product is that the consealer is not very covering at all...or maybe only on my skin, but I have such wonderful dark circles *:(* that I really need something thicker.

Pink Energy body fluid

This body fluid with refreshing pink grapefruit and skin protecting bio-pink pepper hydrates the skin and gives long-lasting moisture and intensive care. The lightweight formula with organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter and plant moisture  factors absorbs quickly and gives the skin a fruit cooling. At the same time fresh grapefruit scent indulges your senses and gives new energy and vitality,
I am not so sure about its scent first I thought oh great this smells fruity and fresh and I love it...but once I´ve applyed it to my skin...something strange came up...maybe it´s the pepper or something else...I don´t know but it is a little funny to me...well actually only to me...everybody else says it smells good ;) It feels very lovely on the skin though I love it :)

Absolute New York
Garlic Nail Treatment
I do love this nail treatment. At first the packaging is a little bewildering, cause of the garlic, but I like the packaging though, very vintagy ;) The product is really amazing. It stays on your nails for really long, I´ve tried it without any other nail polish the first time and no chippin at all...after two weeks. It looks amazing on its own also, if you want to go for a nudy shimmery look.:)
In combination with an other polish it is very good too :)

Monu Skincare
Firming fiji facial treatment oil

It is a soothing facial oil formulated to smooth and comfort the skin whilst preventing dehydration. It´s a refreshing blend of Bois de rose and Patchouli essential oils and it will ensure that the skin feels calm, firm and visibly radiant, pampers the pores and stimulates the complexion. Apply just a small amount after cleansing and toning and massage it in gentle upward movements. At night for an intensive treat that your skin will thank you for in the morning.
I am really not sure about the scent. It smells intenively of patchouly andit is actually a liiittle stong for my taste. It isn´t easy to put something on your face if you can hardly abide the smell. But I tryed it, of ´cause...all for you ;) and a little for me because I wanted to try it and I am always on a hunt for hydrating products for my skin. The intense scent isn´t that overwhelming once you´ve applied it on your skin...I actually like it ;) and my skin loves it to. After one minute my skin drink it in..and it is totally absorbed...yes my skin is always happy about any hydration! ;)

Well thats it :) how was your January Box?
Have you any experiences with these products?
I hope you all had a wonderful week and will have a nice and joyful weekend :)



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