a new year and how did 2014 go

Happy New Year Everybody :)
I know I am a little late...but its never too late to wish you luck, love and a lot of laughter for 2015!


The last year was a very challenging one for me, in many ways.
Many things happened which affected my personal life and many relationships.
A few people which became part of my life or have already been part of it hurted me very much, they broke my heart and my soul and changed me, my character. So it´s been one of the biggest challenges in my life and definitely one of the hardest years too.
At this point I´d like to thank everybody who helped me through these rough days and weeks. Especially my boyfriend who always backed me up and made me laugh :* thank you so much - love you. And an enormous THANK YOU to my family and friends who are always there for me!

Well I don´t want to get you all down and just start with all the happy and successful parts of 2014. It was a very artistic year, with loads of music in it. I was part of four different productions, bigger ones and really small ones, but I enjoyed every concert very much!
Well at first I though I could do this blogpost-wise but I have my blog only for four month so... ;) that would be pretty short ;)
Okay lets see i´ll share the most important parts and those which changed my life for the better or the worse.

january was a 100% average month..nothing special happened neither good or bad...I actally have the feeling that every January ever is no special month at all ;)

The absolute highlight of this month was my shopping trip to dublin with my sister. We had sooo much fun and we´ve been shopping very successfully. Just perfect three days with great fashion, amazing food and cinema and cider and laughter. :) loved it and I hope that we can repeat it this year  

best thing in march: my one year anniversary with my beloved boyfriend  ♥ 
but in this month one of the biggest challenges ever for me started...a new semester at uni started and with it new projects. At my uni most of the projects are worked on it teams of two. Well most of my projects in this semester I had very lovely partners I loved working with and would appreciate to work with again in the future. But one girl I worked with...I don´t know what exactly the problem was, but she brought me down over the next few months until august she nearly destroyed me and what ever I said she just hated me even more. This also was the month when I had my first panic attack - mental break down thing...I have a blogpost about this situation I am working on for month, but I have never been brave enough to publish it actually...maybe soon...maybe never

The most amazing thing in this month was my trip to New York. It was sooo amazing. An overwhelming experience in this unbelievable city :) If you ever wanted to go to NYC but you have never been sure if it would be profitable...stop wondering and book your flight! So AMAZING architecture, delicious food everywhere in beautiful and so special restaurants and bars. The shops guys - unbelievable. So many well dressed people and amazing styles. And you just feel important in this city, whoever you are and you feel a little small if you are not used to these enormous and tall buildings. For me, personally, large groups of people are a hell or if I am walking and instantly getting jostled, but there´s so much to see in NY I never even realised the crowds of people.

Well in june the quarrel between me and my "lovely" (sorry for the sarcasm I still could explode when I´m thinking of this person) peaked. And man I could...well I really should come over it...

I had my exams and my birthday in july. This moth was one of the best in 2014, even if a few friends of mine disappointed me a little, but it was after the quarrel at uni and before the even worse one at home.

The BEST part of august and maybe the best of 2014 was my trip to Ireland with my boyfriend. It was our first holiday together and it was amazing :) I just loooove Ireland and I don´t think that the day will ever come when I say I have been there often enough.
In this month a challenge started which will probably effect my whole life from this month on. I wrote a post about my problems and asked for your help or any experiences...well apparently nobody ever was in my situation, because nobody answered my cry for help.
Oh and I started my blog in augut that is a very important and amazing part of August 2014.

This month was not special and definitely not good...it broke my heart and hurted my soul and too many bad  things happened which triggered emotional and mental problems which still challenge me.
Well one thing I experienced which was amazing and very funny. Orphee&Euridice - the opera which I was a part of. This was a marvelous experience and I can´t wait for the next staging. Oh and also Don Giovanni by W.A.Mozart in which I sang the leading role of Zerlina. That was a huge challenge, an enormous one, but i did it, actually very well! I  can be chuffed with myself.

I started my internship in the architecture studio (ArchitekturWerkstatt Vallentin) in my home town which will last until the end of february.

This month was great, well its december and christmas, how could it not be great. I had much fun and a lot of work...and as always - If you have much to do, the time flies.

I remember a few thing which i loved in 2014 - my favourites of this year

Films and TV shows
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The secret life of Walter Mitty
  • The Hobbit - the battle of the five armies
  • American Hustle
  • Maleficent
  • Monuments Men
  • The Lego Movie
  • Black Sails
  • Elementary
  • and I am sure there are many others, but I can´t remember right now ;)

Fashion and Beauty - trends and fav´s
2014 something happened that changed my life...I started my blog and discovered the (Beauty-) Blogworld. I started to buy so much more make up and stuff...and stopped buying books without an end. And this change I very much visible :)

  • flowers in the hair (in anyway - as flower crowns or small ones all over the head or only as small accents or as a head piece ( Dolce&Gabbana)
  • the bohemian hairstyles with all the braids (which i love ;) ) and the special ponytails and it seems like they are going on to 2015
  • wearing sneakers with everything even elegant dresses - loved it 
  • for foundation, i lived very long without even using foundation since i am lucky with my skin, but i started to use it especially for special occasions or going out. I especially loved the Rimmel Wake me up foundation in 100 ivory
  • concealer: well i loved two this year the Rimmel wake me up in 010 ivory and the Maybelline Fit Me in 10
  • my favourite powder in 2014 was the Rimmel Stay matte in 002 pink blossom
  • blusher-wise...well i use blusher very rarely...i naturally have very, very red cheeks, but when i wear a very covering foundation i love to use the Sleek Blush by 3 in lace the colour guipure
  • deciding which has been my favourite eye shadow is a very hard one. I got the Naked 2 pallet by UD in this year and i loved it and used it very much. But i also loved my Sleek pallets and my Manhattan quads...so sorry no favourites here
  • i think my favourite Mascara in the first part of 2014 was the L´oréal Volume Million Lashes and in the second part the Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara
  • Eyebrows-wise i loved the Mac Pro Longwear waterproof brow set and the colour bark from the sleek eye shadow pallet 601 au naturel
  • well lipstick...how should i ever decide? I loved to many! Well i tried to narrow it down to two and i have... . For redish lipsticks i loved Mac in Dark Side, Rimmel Kate in 01 and the Maybelline Color sensational in 914 vibrant mandarine. For nudes i loved bellápierre lipstick in catwalk and Mac velvet teddy
  • lipgloss: Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss in 56N, Alterra Glanz&Glamour Lipgloss in...well it dosent have a name :( a orangey, glittery nude and the Manhattan Lip Laquer in Toffy coffee

I lost very much in 2014 - self esteem and the feeling that i make the right decisions and other likely characteristics of myself, but I think I gained many things I am grateful of. New friends, new experiences and new opportunities.

I don´t know and can´t even imagine where 2015 will lead, but i can´t wait to find it out and I made my way through so many challenges so I think I can make it trough the upcoming troubles too. 
I will be strong, because what doesn´t kill me will make me stronger!
I am strong enough to make it and so are you all, I am sure! I know that everybody has his/her own problems and challenges, everybody has a own way to deal with those stones life kicks in our ways and sometimes these stones just seem to be too big to get over them, but i think with enough support of family and friends and with you believing in yourself and never giving up...

Well I thought about what I want to do in 2015 or my resolutions for this brand new year

  1. I really want to do more for my body and health, which means: eat healthier, drink more water and do more work outs. With that I would like to loose a little weight because I don´t feel very well sometimes lately and I think with a fitter body it would be better
  2. I want to be more organised in every part of my life from this blog (and the maybe upcoming youtube channel ;) ) to my personal life and uni
  3. I would love to see more of the world. I have the goal to visit every european capital until I am 25...i have 3 1/2 years left and not so many done :0 :) we´ll see if I can make it ;)
  4. I am starting a 2015 reading challenge - my sister found this list online and told me about it and I loooove the idea. And I will share my successfully read books with you if you´d like it and write some reviews, even if I do suck in writing reviews :( :) and maybe you´d like to join the challenge, than I will give you some ideas for the different tasks or only inspiration for books you could read without a challenge.
Well guys this is it...I hope I didn´t bore you with my moaning and telling all those details, but I love reading those year reviews on other blogs and i always think that somebody could find my experiences and how i deal with them useful :)
Have an amazing year and leave a comment about your 2015 to do list :) you wont loose anything with leaving a comment ;)
and maybe you´d like to hit this "join this site" button (well maybe it is in german on my site then it is "Mitglied dieser Seite werden" which is the same just translated ;) )



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