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GlossyBox January

and here comes the actual January Box I liked the Body&Soul theme of this box...even if I don´t see so much Body&Soul in every product
but I liked them anyway :)


L´oréal Paris - Elvital
Colour-gloss colour finishing fluid

Dyed hair needs a special treatment and this Fluid fosters it with its deep effect formula with a colour protecting elixir. The nutri-concentrate makes your hair silky, protects it from the sun and that the colour can´t fade. A special light-reflecting-system creates incredible glossy shine and the ingredients reconstructs the hair structure and repairs it.
I can´t say so much about this product yet. I have tried it and until now it is okay...nothing overwhelming, but I would not allow myself a verdict until I´ve used it properly :)
For any reviews just leave a comment and I will do one :)

So Susan Cosmetics
Consealer Quad

It is a compact of four concealer shades, ranging from pure ivory to deep tan, that cover dark shades, blemished and minor imperfecti…

two GlossyBoxes January

a little delayed review, a huge disappointment and a calming compensation
this was the first titel I had for this post and
I was not amused!!!
...well Glossy Box lost a huge chunk of my sympathy in december after discontinuing my subscription without even telling me after some weird problems with my payment instructions.
Well...I had to reactivate it or  make a new subscription, what it did...
okay my december box came...
At first I thought I could review them in two different posts but...I waited sooo long for this disappointment and I was very, very frustrated.
There is not so much to share about the products in this box, because I´ve received three items I´ve got before...well thank you very much. And unfortunately that was not the only downside about that box...
I was really obsessed and I couldn´t keep myself from writing a pretty indignant mail to the GlossyBox service team. If the nice lady who answered me is reading this...sorry about that ;)
She nicely wrote back to me sayin…

Walking in a Winterwonerland

its been a while since I took these pictures but I live them so much and that is what is why I don´t want to miss to share them with you it´s been hard to narrow them down to a acceptable number..and I wanted not more than 20 as a absolute max... I managed it to narrow them to 19 I hope you enjoy them and that nobody is bored ;) I love the pics

Peoples choice awards 2015

a few days ago the Peoples choice awards 2015 took place and all the famous ladies dressed up to look as gorgeous as possible...well in my opinion some did a better job than others ;)
and I thought I should share with you all some pretty pictures

Looks I love

I wont say anything about these amazing outfits :) they speak for themselfs

Looks I am not so sure about

Well I wont talk about every single look or what disturbs me about it...may just a short version Molly Tarlov: ok sorry but I don´t need to day anything about that dress...the colour is gorgeous but that is absolutely everything that I like, I am not so sure about her hair and make up eitherJillian Rose Reed: well on one hand it is a pretty dress but on the other it is my granny´s curtain, but I love her hair and make up Cloe Grace Moretz: Well what should I say about this Luis Vuitton look, something about it is really strange...but I do like some details...don´t knowSarah Hyland: this Christian Siriano dress is actually pretty…

The reading challenge - No.3 - A book your mom loves

Well...what can I say about the second book
The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

This book, a philosophical fiction, was first published as a serial story in July 1890 in the Lippincott´s monthly magazine. (There is so much to say about this publication...if you are interested, please ask google... I would just copy and paste...thats not rational.) The picture of Dorian Grey exists in two versions, the 1890 magazine edition and the 1891 book edition (philosophic novel), it is the only novel by the irish author Oscar Wilde and an example of gothic fiction with strong themes interpreted from Faust. This story was criticised hardly and it was not easy for Wilde.

The plot is about Dorian Gray (a handsome but narcissistic man) who is the subject of a full-length portrait by Basil Hallward. The artist is impressed and infatuated by the good looking Dorian and he is completely smitten. Later on Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, through Basil, who shows Dorian his hedonistic worldview an…

The reading challenge - No.2 - A book you can finish in one day

First of all... I loved my first book of this challenge - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee definitely a must read for everybody...phenomenal

It is a novel by Harper Lee, actually her only novel, published in july 1960 by J.B. Lippincott.
Turned into a film in 1962.
Well...I wont write a whole can find them everywhere on the interwebs. Just a view facts which will tell you the most important things.

Harper Lee

The book plays in the southern US in the 1930's. Harper Lee uses unforgettable characters which explore civil rights and racism in a segregated town somewhere in Alabama. The novel is told trough the eyes of Scout Finch. Whilst the story goes on you learn everything about her family, father Atticus Finch and her brother Jem, and her family and her life in the small town Maycomb. Atticus is an attorney and he desperately strives the innocence of Tom Robinson, a black man who is unjustly accused of rape. An other important character you learn about in the novel …