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GlossyBox December - The Winter Wonders Edition

Its so near - Christmas is soooo near =D and what am I doing instead of wrapping all those presents... writing a little review about the winter wonders edition  ;)
Its a lovely box I love its design :) sooo pretty

The content is more or less wintery/christmassy:

EUBOS Sensitive hand repair&protect

This cream is a fast and effective solution against environmental attack on your hands. Formulated with active ingredients and emollients, it helps form a protective layer around your hands while smoothing its rough, dry and cracked surface. The non greasy formula contains Urea, Rose Water and Glycerin to stabilize the moisture content of the skin, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Allantoin collectively protect the skin´s natural biosphere. It is suitable for dry and severely damaged skin and it is hypoallergenic. For more info click here I am not a huge fan of hand creams in general, you know ;) This one is no exception...unfortunately. It smells pretty nice but it need a little to …

Glossy Box November - The golden 20´s edition

Well I know the December box is already here and I am still sooo late, but before I review the winter edition, I just don´t want to miss this one ;)
The golden 20´s Edition

this box came with a special wrapping ;) very pretty

About the content: I am really not too sure about how good most of the products fit to the theme, but...well

NUTURALUXE MD Bronzing Powder

This bronzing powder combines a golden glow with amazing skin care and thanks to its velvety consistency it enables an even application and a beautiful, natural tan. It gives you a radiant look. How damn gold is this stuff. Is this really a looks more like a gorgeous golden eyeshadow to me ;) its an amazing colour and the consistency is very nice...just I don´t know...for a bronzer??? ;)

GLOSSYBOX eyeshadow glossy mauve

This is a very pretty colour and I really like the consistency of this eyeshadow...I really don´t know where you can get glossybox beauty products but if you know go and get this shadow ;) its amazing

The reading challenge - No.16 - a book you own but never read

Guess what...I am also back into reading and reviewing. So I made 16 out of 50...that is pretty poor...honestly :( I hope I have a lot of time to maybe make 20 I really should start reading books with less that 500 pages ;) hahaha
I also decided to makes this a book for two categories...I know its kind of cheating, but...I really want to feel a little less like a looser ;) hihihi
so also the category for a book published this year ;) sorry
Well the book I am reviewing today is an amazing one and a new addition to my favourites list.
The category was -A book by an author I love- and for this I chose Lori Nelson Spielman and her book Sweet Forgiveness.

And omg how amazing is this!!!
I could ramble hours about how much I loved The Life List, her first book and this one is a very good following story.

Basically the story is about the forgiveness stones and those craze the nation. They come in a little instantly recognizable pouch together with a chain letter and two simple requests: to f…

Glossy Box October - The feel good Edition

Well its already december, can you believe that,
 and I don´t even know how long the last blogpost is ago...
I am very sorry for being such a bad blogger, but honestly...I had a few really rough week, very very hard days and a lot of stress...anxiety and life hit very hard on me and I really needed some time off.

Since I am feeling a little better now I though I´d get back into the blogging game a little by sharing the last glossy boxes with you

Today at first the october one which was the feel good edition

I decided to cancel my glossy box abo after the winter edition this month...I don´t know I just don´t like it as much a I liked it before and the products I received lately just are not overwhelming I´ll cancel it and will see if I want to have a new abo in the future...

Well back to the feel good edition


Certified organic eyeliner pencil in snowflake

This eyeliner can be worn all day and all night and it won´t slip off the eye. It is amazing that this a …

Real Techniques - The core collection | a Review

And finally I am writing this review ;) I actually realised that I still have not written a Zoeva brushes review tho... coming soon =D promise ;)
But for today its Real Techniques Brushes This is the core collection by Sam & Nic Chapman containing the detailer brush + pointed foundation brush + buffing brush + you get them in a panoramic case

This is a set which is loved since a pretty long time. I wanted to try Real Technique brushed pretty long but honestly they aren´t the most bargainous stuff you can get...of cause there are more than worth the money ;)
There are four brushed in this set and my favourite is definitely the buffing this is a brush to fall for ;) but lets start with the smallest one

Detailer Brush
With this brush you get a precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas
or use it with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
I am not too used to this brush in general...have not used it often enough to say anything special ;)
I honestly think thi…

Skin Care Change for Autumn

So its fall...full an autumn and its getting colder and colder and that means skin is changing
especially in what it needs and how it feels. That all generally means you have to treat it in a different way and change your skin care ;) So I though I´ll do a little post on what I do and how I change the routine in this wonderful time of the year :)

I think, and I did it myself, that skin care change during this time of the year is a pretty overlooked thing.
Actually you can can do it just like you are changing your wardrobe, you change this too in autumn, do you ;)
So your regular skin care system may not be a all-year-round deal
you got to protect your complexion against the elements, the environmental conditions of where you live can impact the way your skin behaves, so pay attention ladies.
Plus because of the different seasons many have a seasonal diet, conscious of it or not, and your skin reflects the things you are eating.
This all just means that it all depends on where you liv…

Sleek Blush by 3 | a Review

a new friday a new review for you guys :) Today about the blushers from Sleek - to be precise the  Blush by 3 Blush Palette

I´ve got the palette in Lace, Sugar and Pumpkin You can get them in five other colours
Santa Marina, Californ.I.A., Flame, Pink Lemonade and Pink Sprint
those are amazing probably a purchase soon ;)
Whilst doing research I realised that the colours of the sugar palette is actually called after sugar
so some more research and every colours names actually fit to the palettes name ;)

I  Lace The three colours are Crochet - Guipure - Chantilly

From left to right these are the laces, the colours are named after. All so pretty and all french :)

This palette is definitely my favourite of those three and the most used either.
Crochet is a very nice tangerine orange colour with a matte finish, Guipure is the most lovely blusher I have ever seen in my life, its a pink shade with a rosy-golden shimmer and also a super nice highlighter. Last but not least is Cha…