My Christmas Days

me and my beautiful sister :) 

my granny and me


we love playing board games when ever the family comes together...this one was a present from my uncle
The Legends of Andor - very tricky but exciting and funny
my on the way dressing table ;)

Christmas is over and i cant believe how fast december and with it christmas passed by...just unbelievable...and i know that 2015 will pass by just as fast as 2014 did and in one year i will sit in front of my laptop and probably write exactly the same 
I loved this christmas...well i actually love every christmas because i am just one of those christmas crazy people. I just love everything about it. The lights, especially the fairy lights ;), candles, all those indistinctive scents which make christmas so special, all the glittery and shiny things everywhere. The food the treats and the excuse that you can eat everything ;) and the glinting eyes when everybody opens the presents and are excited about what they´ve got. Just a few perfect, quiet days with your family, without disturbances and rush.
Is there anything better?
I hope your christmas was just as perfect as mine and you all fell still as christmassy as i do =)
tell me all about it and what did you get?



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