December Favourites

December is nearly over and with it is the year 2014...probably not the best year ever and definitely not the easiest, but i made it through and i want to believe that 2015 will be a better year and that all my problems will end in smoke

natural and festive
  1. christmas, what else ;) and all its magic
  2. snow outside and the winter wonderland...snuggling inside, drinking hot chocolate and watching an amazing film

 beauty and pampering
  1. Rimmel Kate Moss in 01 and 107 - i bought my first rimmel kate lipstick in dublin a while ago and fell in love with the colours and pigmentation immediately. Unfortunately i am not often enough in UK or Ireland and i cant buy Rimmel in germany so i had to order them over Boots. I loved those to colours during december as they are very festive and  just pretty
  2. Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Pallet in Au Naturel - I love the colours in this pallet all of the 12. There are four glittery/shimmery ones and eight mattes, they are highly pigmented and easily to apply and blend. I love to use BARK for filling in my brows, its just the perfect colour ;) it´s the third one from the left in the bottom row
  3. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Graphic Liner - this eye liner is actually not the easiest to use. The felt tip looks like a Edding marker and is a little intimidating at first, but once you get used  (it just needs a little exersice ) to it you´ll love it ;) just like me it makes your eye liner life easier and faster! I am pretty sure I will repurchase it :)
  4. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in pink blossom - this powder is just amazing! I love its staying power and that it actually stays matt a very long time. I actually wear this most of the time instead of a foundation. It gives goo coverage and for a good skin day or a day when you just don´t need so much make up it is perfect :)
  5. Manhattan Lip Lacquer in Roaring Red 
  6. Tony and Guy - Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
  7. Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner with sunflower seed oil - where should i start...this conditioner leaves my hear so soft and smooth and makes it pretty and not frizzy at all...I just have to get used to the reminds me a little to much of a children s toothpaste...and I am not so sure right now if I love it ;)
  8. The Body Shop - Glazed Apple Body Butter - what a delicious scent guys...I hope you all went and bought all the products of this years holiday collection of the body shop in glazed apple, because this is just amazing and of course it is an amazing body butter which leaves your skin nice and soft and sinks in pretty fast...well my sister says it smells like a bunch of smushed green gummy bears...ya it is a quite sweet scent but soooooo delicious! ;) ♥
  9. Rival de Loop Glamour Nail Collection in Precious Silver Glitter in combination with OPI nail lacquer in Glints of Glinda - I love the silver glitter nail polish...I mean who doesen´t love glittery nail polishes around christmas time ;) I used the OPI polish as a base since the glittery one is just not opaque enough and shows the part of the nail where the finger ends and the nail is you know what I mean? And a few layers of the OPI polish covers that and it is just the perfect nude for my nails and with that pretty invisible underneath the silver glitter

fashion and trends
  1. Dorothy Perkins - how pretty are her cloth and especially the dresses ♥ amazing
  2. I love wearing leggings and skirts during autumn and winter...I am actually wearing more skirts in winter than I do in summer time ;)

  1. Kimbra - and her amazing voice and kind of music
  2. Goldfish - thanks louis ;)
  3. Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn
movies and TV shows
  1. Frozen - I mean this is just one of the most perfect films for christmas and winter time
  2. I am still addicted to Buffy ;) ya i know its a old one and maybe not the most famous tv show nowadays but I love thinking and laughing about the fashion and trends in the 90s and honestly I am just one of those mystery-loving girls

people, random stuff and dainties
  1. definitely my new Canon EOS 700 D - I got it as a Christmas present from my super crazy boyfriend 
  2. Injustice - Gods among us (read about it here) - love it :) so much fun, perfect playable with friends - thumbs up
  3. candles and fairy lights everywhere

i loved december, even if it was very stressful...and i am soo glad that the snow falls now...a little late but better later than never ;)
I hope your December was as good as mine - let me know about your Highlights ;)
I wish you all a few perfect last days of 2014



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