BLOGMAS #DAY9+10 and christmas baking

sorry for missing yesterday :( I had the best intentions to blog every single day...but in my defense...yesterday was my boyfriends birthday...and some things are just more important :) is the day for pure deliciousness and the best treats of the year
my sister is a little crazy about christmas baking she always plans to make 20 different recipes or even more 
and most of the time she reaches this goal...well, no complains here ;)

enjoy ;)

actually i don´t know one name
i just know how delicious every single one of them is
well i don´t like the one on the right with the raisins...because i just don´t like raisins but i LOVE the others ;)
sorry about the crapy pictures btw.

if any recipes are requested...just tell me ;)
i´ll do my best

well that was a quick one...but i am soooo tired...too much work too less sleep
do you have any special plans?

but i don´t want to miss one more day
i think i will take more pictures about the biscuits and tell you more detailed about them later...maybe this weekend...

maybe some christmas baking...or other christmas thing
oh and is christmas baking something common in every country around the world or is it something german...or european?


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