BLOGMAS #DAY8 and the Christmas Edition

just a few hours ago i received my glossy box christmas edition reviews today unfortunately...but if you´d like to read on about any product and i´ll try to write one ;) and i can´t wait until i testes the new products ´cause i wanna show you the amazing packaging

oh how perfectly christmassy is this packaging of the special limited edition of this months glossy box. I love the colour theme of this box
red velvet, gold and black and the stripe-paper
and all those carefully selected products to ensure a balanced christmas between relaxing and celebrating. I can not say yet if this is my favourite box yet...but i love every product and especially the box and i think this box has the best chances to be my favourite one.

uslu airlines
nailpolish in XMS

A absolutely gorgeous colour can´t wait to try it and it is such a christmassy colour too...I will definitely use this a lot 
The label created this shade especially for this time of the year.
The nail polish contains special colour pigments for long lasting hold and thanks to the double brush it is very easy to apply. Like all Uslu airlines nail polishes XMS is 5-free. That means no Formaldehyde, no Dibutyl Phthalate, no Toluene, no Formaldehyde Resin and no Camphor.

Royal Apothic 
Tinties in Berry

 What a cute, vintage packaging...I LOVE it so much...the little box and the jar 
It smells very good, too and i love the hint of a berry pink in it
The lips are pampered and soothed by valuable ingredients like grape seed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. The lip balm adds a hint of colour and moisturises them with botanic extracts.

Tony & Guy
Glamour 3D Volumiser

I know one thing about tony&guy products...i love them...and i know how good they are...even if i don´t know if i really need more volume... ;)
This Volumiser adds volume and shine to your hair from the roots to the ends 

Mineral eyeshadow duo pack - tinsel - in vanilla frosting and rich list

Oh my gosh how pretty are the colours...AMAZING all the other items...sooo christmassy
i can already see myself using these a lot the next weeks
These mineral eyeshadows are 100% natural, mineral based loose powder hat are strictly cruelty free and available in a range of shades. Featuring a creamy texture, these highly pigmented powders are easily blendable ad offer the ability to create depth and intensity around the eye.

Energizing Cleansing Gel

I am looking for a new cleanser the last days and this comes just in the right moment..i´ll see if i like it...but i already love the scent of this
A gentle and trough cleansing gel that controls the production of oil in the skin and stimulates the skin´s activity. It includes Aesculus Hippocastanum seed extracts, glycerin, lioleic acid and it cleanses and removes make up from face and eyes and eaves the skin feeling clean and soft and refreshed.

Bottega Verde Natura Italiana
Pearlescent Make-up base with peach nut oil and vitamin E

I never used primers a lot...well i am actually not wearing foundation on n everyday basis and i am not used to face primers i will see if i like it or if I can use this properly anyway :)
This base gives the face a radiant appearance thanks to the light refraction effects of Mica. It hides imperfections and makes the complexion look perfectly even. Light and rapidly absorbed, it can be used alone ore mixed with a normal foundation. The decorative function is combined with the moisturisinfgaction, of vegetable origin glycerine, the softening action provided by the presence of Peach Nut Oil and the anti-oxidising and therefore antiage action, provided by the presence of Vitamin E

have you signed up for this special christmas box too? Did you like the products and which on is you favourite?


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