BLOGMAS #DAY20 and a christmas movie resumé 2014

I just realised that i actually saw only two christmas movies this christmas season :0
i have never seen just two movies before...I always started with the first on on TV and watch very single one until the last one...well now I can only tell you about these two...or try to remember my las years favourites :)

on of my all time favourite is of cause

The Grinch
and how he stole christmas (picture)
Jim Carrey is just second to none

Love Actually
who could actually not love this film ;) i watched it today and i think there´s no way to watch this film too often :) all those amazing actors and i love the intertwining of all the different stories
thats life :)

The Santa Claus
this is one of the films i never miss...either if i want to see it or if i just turn on the TV ;)
never missed and never regretted it when i watched it once more


well Frozen is maybe not a christmas film but definitely a wintery and i love watching it around christmas like i love watching it all time of the year

The Polar Express
do i really have to say anything here ;)

and last but not leas
Home Alone

well i can´t say if i like the first one more than the second one... just classic
and a way too long time since i last saw it 

well this is my christmas movies collection this year
i hope that i will watch more during christmas season next year...i missed too many this season :(
Which is your favourite film?

Enjoy the last two days of christmas and i hope you can relax and just chill out :)



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