BLOGMAS #DAY17+18 christmas wishlist II

again i missed a day...again i failed my intention to do a daily blogmas :(
well.. I wrote a home wear christmas wosh list and because I am super greedy and insatiate ;)
and can never get enough I will show you my fashion and beauty wishlist today ;)

a few bits and pieces from asos - love them all...don´t even know which one i should buy first
bsides all those amazing asos stuff i found a few other pieces wich I would love to see under the christmas tree 

this earing, I actually don´t know if this is a solitair or a pair of earings, is by a danish designer called Anders Forup and he makes some amazing and minimalistic pieces. I found this picture on Instagram.

This is an amazing colar i love the ethnic look and the combination of the colours and the little triangles - very pretty :) and simple but eye catching. I found this on DaWanda and you can have it in every colour/colour-combination you want it

This incredible ring is from a website called Adlero
I found this picture on Pinterest, but unfortunately i could´nt find it on, 
so maybe it´s not available anymore :(

This is again from DaWanda and an unbelievable smartphone case, wich costs actually only 29,00.
I LOVE the combination of copper and the pale leather, wich is actually real leaher! The items from DaWanda are handmade...i think most of them...and they make this case escpecially for your this one is a every phonetype case :)

These are absolutely breathtaking. I found this picture on Pinterest and the link lead me to a blog, where i saw these unbelievable wooden cluches from a designer called Nada Sawaya. 
I am afraid these are no longer available since the blogpost is from 2010...
if anybody knows where i could buy one of those 
- please tell me-
I especially adore the dark brown and green one...sooo amazing and unique

this cute make up bag/clutch is from DaWanda too. I loove the graphic design and the combitation of colours and materials. I am totally into graphic paterns lately...loce them in any variation ;)



I love the lipsticks by YSL, but unfortunately they are very expensive :( and i must say that 32 euro are a lot for a lipstick even if i know everything about the quality
Never the less there are a few colours which are amazing and this year i would love to get:
  • YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Pink Caresse and Peach Passion
  • YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in i don´t know wich colour, there are too many pretty ones

i will not even start to tell you all the Mac lippies i would love to find unter the christmas tree ;)
i could fill a whole post with it :)

this is a crapy picture...sorry guys the offer is from douglas
and there is this aaamazing set of Zoeva brushes and that is a I WANT. I WANT. I WANT. - item ;) but expensive...very expensive :( about 105 euro, but for 15 brushes actually, but still much money! In the set are the brushes: 102, 104, 106, 110, 128, 142, 223, 227, 228, 231, 234, 235, 315, 317, 322
amazing everything you need for your face and eye make up...some day i´ll buy it...i hope i get a voucher or some thing 10 or 20 % off 
*crossing fingers*


well i hope you liked my 2014 wishlist (excerpt) ;)
wich one is your favourite?
and what is your most desperate wish this year?


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