BLOGMAS #DAY16 and a christmas wishlist

Today is the 16th and only 9 days ´til christmas
and I thought it is the latest possible time to do a christmas wishlist :)
well most of the stuff is actually home wear...but...well than it is a home wear christmas wishlist
and i´ll do the fashion and beauty one tomorrow or the day after ;)

  1. the cushions 

  2. this is cuddle weather from here
    I absolutely LOVE these cushions, ver unique and special, and i think the would make a perfect present, and there is something for every taste and for every home style ;) 

    from here
    this is freaking amazing, I will definitely buy this want.want.want :)

  3. light bulbs and lamps
    these amazing bubls are from here (source)
    I love the look of those, very special and something different. They look amazing in a bundle but also solitary

    love this lamp from here
    again a wonderful design and I love the combination of metal, glass and wood and the gem shape, it is like a lantern but then with a light bulb and look at the gorgeous reflection, I am sure this looks great on a sideboard in combination with a wooden plant vase or little tin things

    this is from UO
    loooooook this lamp is marvelous...i really don´t know where i should hang all thee lamps...I need a lamp room ´cause i wan them all ;) I love the simple design and the stunning shape it is like...not even there ;) like a bare bulb, but with a little something extra special

    this is one special light bulb from dawanda
    Isn´t this AMAZING? I love this and want to have it desperately. It is a Edison-lamp and the look is just extraordinary and overwhelming :) T stared at i for like five minutes before I decided that I want it as soon as possible

    from source 
    his is an amazing design, i love the combination of white and wood and this natural, organic silhouette I think it is really funny that you can actually hang this lamp wherever you want to, and design it the way you prefer your own personal lamp, just move it around and change the look of your room in one second :)
  4. tablewear
    these are amazing and from here
    I always love porcelain in shapes like crumpled-up paper and every time i find similar bowls in different sizes i am happy like a dog when its owner comes home

    found here
    look at this!! Unbelievable, The Infinity set, which is created with mathematics and snowflakes ;) I´ve never seen anything like this before :D

    fond here
    the vases are called Tapio and i looooove the copper accents and the simple silhouette and of course the different just looks amazing if you combine this shapes and how beautiful they will look with flowers, but the look amazing without too ;)

    found on pinterest
    from monoqui

    these monoqui tea cups will make everybodys life easy...even it I don´t know how great it is to put your nose in the tea leaves ;) but i´d loove to try these
  5. other homy things
    found this on this blog
    the shelve is from here
    this is from here
    oh i love this idea, this poster is like a colouring book for children...i think this would be perfect as a guest book kind a thing ;) every guest can colour a house or car or something else ;) amazing :D

it´s funny that i say all the time that i wanna have the items...when this is is my home wear christmas wishlist ;) ♥

I love all these things they are all very special and would add a very unique accent to every room and flat...i love simple but matchless design at the moment 

what about you? Anything you like as much as me?
I couldn´t decide yet what i will buy what would you say, which one is your favourite?
Leave a comment...i want to know ;)



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