BLOGMAS #DAY13 and christmas treats

I found a few amazing christmas treats which look soo yummy that I can´t stop myself sharing them with you

these chocolate oreo truffles are from abeautifulmess
and I really hope that I will have some time to recreate them this or next weekend or maybe after christmas...they would make a perfect present and are a ll year round goody :)

if you don´t already know this website you should really check it out ;)
i love it as a all time inspiration

Melted snowman cookies 
i found them serendipitous today, but the look so cute and sad that i thought you might like them ;)

for the recipe, click here

or how about a festive drink

both from pinterest

well that was a short one today :(
sorry guys, but i´ve been ball gown shopping all day with my sister...and man that is a exhausting thing...but  luckily we´ve been successful ;)
she got an amazing dress...very femme fatale ;)

i hope you had an amazing weekend so far and enjoy the rest of it 


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