BLOGMAS #DAY 7 and the Simpsons in Winterwonderland

a few day ago the simpsons got a new update

*the Christmas Update*

there are several new things since the update

 there is snow everywhere and springfield is a winter-wonderland
the rivers are frozen, the trees are decorated with fairy lights and the houses are covered in snow

As with the other special event updates there are many new characters, decorations and new tasks for the people you already unlocked
And you have to fulfill tasks for santa claus with which you can unlock new christmassy things

these are the tunnels which hide the daily tasks
one daily task consists of four tasks for different springfielders and if you fulfill them all in 24 h you´ll get new special decorations... i.e. for Mr. Burns house :)

after a few hours the little christmas elfs fly around and collect presents and with you presets you´ll get new things or characters

i just loooove the christmassy houses and all the snow
and the tasks are pretty easy to fulfill most of the time and i have fun playing it
this years christmas update is pretty different to last years...last year ther was a huge weel to turn and win new stuff...can´t decide which one is better yet ;)


has anyone ever tried this game
leave a comment about your you like it as much as i do?


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