BLOGMAS #DAY 23 and present wrapping

it is the day before christmas eve and that means it´s the last day of blogmas

i am pretty late this year with present wrapping...reaaally late actually
and unfortunately that may be the reason why i had less fun this year :(

i love this time of the year when you run around the city and search for the perfect presents for your loved ones. Its the time of the year when you look for the perfect wrapping paper and start decorating you presents.
I finished my christmas shopping really early this year i think by the 15th but the wrapping ... well i waited way to long.
I cant wait to see the faces while unwrapping my presents and see if i got the right things :)
well its too late to say i wanted to inspire your present decoration process but i thought its a very important part of christmas and thus a important part of blogmas.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Enjoy the time with your family and the free days to relax, enjoy and recharge.
Lots of love, peace and satisfaction.



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