BLOGMAS #DAY 19-21 and christmas traditions

i did it...i missed two days in a row...shame on me... :( well it´s hard to write while sleeping ;)

there are so many amazing and quite funny christmas traditions around the world
and i thought there are many others out there on the interwebs who are interested in those.


Germany - Weihnachten


since i am german i thought i will start with my experiences and the german traditions
  • our christmas time starts with the 1st of advent,which is always a sunday but every year a different date 
  • on dec. the 6th children get presents and sweets from St. Nikolaus...if they were good if not grampus comes, puts them in a bag and carries them away, in some regions the children put their shoes outside so St. Nikolaus can leave goodies...a long long time Nikolaus was the main present giver ´til the reformation. 
  • every sunday in december until christmas is advent 1.-2.-3.-4. and we have a wreath decorated with four candles and other christmassy things. Every sunday a candle is lit until the fourth sunday comes and four candles are burning and then it is christmas eve :)
  • christmas is on the 24th of december in germany and we have two national holidays, which are actually two days of eating ;) the presents are given on christmas eve by the Weihnachtsmann or Christkindl
  • the 24th is also the day when we set up the christmas tree...well in many regions it is brought by the christkindl on christmas eve and not decorated by the whole family ;) 
  • my family´s food tradition is that we eat different sausages and potato salad on christmas eve and loads of cookies ;) on the first christmas day my grandpa cooks a venison stew and on the second day we all go out for a delicious christmas lunch...all the time we stay together and talk, play board games and watch christmassy movies...its just a perfect time

Italy - Natale

  • Traditionally the children have to wait for their presents. Until the 6th of january when the good Epiphany witch Befana brings sweets and  gifts to good children and charcoal or bags of ashes to the bad. In other regions there are the three wise men who bring gifts, especially gold
  • Nowadays the presents are given either on christmas eve or on christmas day. They are left under the tree by babbo natale
  • Christmas starts on december the 8th with the feast of immaculate conception. Its the day when they set up their christmas decorations
  • In some regions they celebrate the day of saint lucy (santa lucia) who is the patron of the city syracuse 
  • in italy is a tradition of not eating any meat on christmas eve but seafood,  panettone, torrone, panforte, struffoli, caggionetti, monte bianco or others depending on the regional cuisine
  • they celebrate christmas on the 25th with a family lunch, with different meat dishes, cheese and sweets
  • the 6th of dec is also the day when they take down the christmas decorations and burn female puppets on a pire called falo to symbolize the end of christmas and the death of the old and beginning of a new year


of cause its summer in australia during christmas...that gives it a enormous twist ;)
  • australian christmas traditions and decorations are quite similar to UK or northern american ones: red-fur coated santa claus riding a sleight, snow covered christmas scenes on cards and jingle bells.
  • i also red that many australians grill their christmas dinner on the beach and eat it there - BBQ ;) - is that true and a common tradition?

Iceland - Yule

  • christmas starts four sundays before the 24th (like in germany) and ends 13 days later on 6th january. 
  • Every sunday icelanders light a candle - so four until christmas
  • they are opening the presents on the 24th and spend the evening together
  • Thirteen days before christmas eve the Yule lads stat to arrive into the town to give the good children gifts in a shoe
  • the yule lads are told to be sons of two trolls in the mountains, every one is known for a different mischief 
  • the 23rd i called Saint Thorlak Mass
  • during holiday season it is tradtion to bake small cookies for guests and make gingerbread cookies and Leafbread
  • well i´d say the icelandic christmas is very similar to the german one...but not the same



  • christmas is on of the biggest holidays on the calendar, they are celebrating the world´s longest christmas season. The first christmas carols heard as early as september 1st.
  • the season starts traditionally be the nine-day dawn masses (Misas de Aguinaldo or Misa de Gallo) which start on dec. 16th.
  • Christmas eve on December 24th is celebrated with a Midnight Mass and the Noche Buena, when family members dine together around 12pm on traditional Noche buena fare
  • on the 31st of dec., New Years Eve families gather for the Media Noche / Midniht meal - a symbol for their hopes for a prosperous new year
  • the end of christmas is officially the feast of the three kings (Fiesta de epifanía) on january 6th but now the first sunday after new year. On this day many children leave their shoes outside and hope that the three kings will leave gifts like sweets or money

and there are soooo many other fascinating traditions around the world
and of cause there are my more traditions in the countries i just wrote about ;)
did i get anything wrong...or do you live in one of the countries your traditions are different?
i loove reading the stories about christmas in other pars of the world
Which traditions are you celebrating  and which one are your favourites?


i hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that everybody is as much looking forward to christmas as i am
 ♥ i can´t wait for it 
enjoy your christmas and the fantastic time :D


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