day 11
i´ve actually nearly done all my christmas shopping
i am only missing two presents...or three ;)
while shopping for presents i got a few...yes i am trying to reduce the damage ;)
well...a few things i´d like to share with you guys, because i love all of them and i think you´d like to know and get a little inspired :)


well first i´ve been to The Body Shop
and i LOVE their christmas collection

i bought: 
  • the glazed apple body butter which is AMAZING. The packaging says its hydration for all skin types, with apple seed oil and community fair trade shea butter from Ghana. I LOVE it, it smells amazing and so delicious. The consistency is a little strange...pretty ... i don´t know how to describe it...whatever..but i love the feeling it leaves on the skin and that it sinks in so fast
  • the frosted cranberry body polish with cranberry extract and community fair trade honey from ethiopia. There are three different christmas collection smells, but i only like the apple and the cranberry one, the third is vanilla, but it is just too strong for my taste
  • ant the frosted cranberry hand cream with cranberry seed oil...well this must be a small seed ;) i love this smells delicious and sinks in pretty fast...and i can´t  stand hand creams that need ages to sink in  

on my stroll through Munich i bought a few amazing teas at the Victorian Tea House

  •  white tea - buddas secret: white tea china mao feng, green tea guangxi, jasmin pearls aroma and white hibiscus flower
  • winter splendour: green tea china chun mee, apple pieces, orange peel, cinnamon bark, green tea korea joongjak, orange pieces, hibiscus flower, safler flower and grapefruit pieces
  • spiced winter: black tea assam, orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves, almond flakes, cardamom and rose petals

and last but not least: LUSH
OMG i went totally over board in there :O

Holly Golightly..i´ve already used half of it and i loved it instanly, smells amaznig looks amazing makes a amazing bathing experience :) you have to try it
Wizard this is sooo cute and  love the smell ;) no don´t you say ;) i don´t think that there is any lush scent i dont like ;)

Shoot for the Stars - tis is a bath bomb with shimmering silver lustre :) i love the smell and the look, but i´ve never tried it so, i will see if i like the shoot for the stars bath

Luxury Lush Pud - i am soo excited about this looks a little gross because of the transport, but still thrilling...oh and all the different colours :) so pretty

Star light Star bright - this bath melt spreads its glitter everywhere ;) so many amazing ingredients (shea butter, lavender, lime and ginger oil) and i love the fresh but spiced smell

Melting Snowman - unfortunately my snowman lost his nose, sorry Olaf ;) i love the spicy scent of this bath melt and it will warm me up in these cold days - don´t know where the glitter came from...o i think i light star bright left all the glitter on my hands

Golden Wonder, a very pretty one, and so mysterious, can´t wait to see what is inside. It smells fresh and fruity, orangey and like lemons

The Christmas Penguin - oranges, lime and mandarin, that is a mood-boosting combination. I love his confused expression ;)

Bright Side - amazing colours, delicious smell and a refreshing bathing experience, what else do e need

So White - well i don´t have to say anything about this bath bomb, do i...just.amazing =) i love it

Father Christmas - from red to green it will turn your bathing water and with the famous snow fairy scent this year :) come on santa and take a bath with me ;)

i love all those bath bombs and bath melts and everything else
well i thought i would use every single item by christmas...but obviously i overestimated my bathing-mood ;)

which one is your favourite lush product? Any repurchases?
:) i am asking you a very hard question ... i could hardly decide which one is my fav

btw...i think lush products would make a amazing christmas gift for mothers, sister, aunties or girlfriends...and maybe even fathers or brothers or boyfriends...well the also have manly products ;)

oh and i totally forgot that the third part of the hobbit came to the cinemas :)
can´t wait to see it and i will on sunday

both pictures are from source

well what do you think about my shopping was quite successful ;) wasn´t it ;)
have you done all your christmas shopping yet?
tell me all about our experiences ;)
and enjoy your bath 


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