BLOGMAS #DAY 1 and advent calendars

Good Evening christmas-lovers
after all the Vlogmas going on and me not having a youtube channel I decided to create 
and I invite everybody to join in...well it is very possible that there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there which are already doing blogmas for years...I never checked...well nevertheless I´ll do it this year ;)

Well today is December the first and today i will start and everyday i´ll share one...or maybe more christmassy things that are/were special to me

#Day 1
maybe it is not the most exciting day
but my day 1s favorite is definitely the first candle lit on the 1st advent!!
i just adore the combination of candle light, evergreens and the little red berries

i have two advent calendars this year...i know...there are sooo many out there to choose from, but actually i never bought one for myself...every year i got a handmade one from my mum and i loved every single one...this year it is a little easier

this year i got one from my sister and...yes i love it
i love the idea, the style and that she was unstinting so much of her time
♥ love ♥ you 

my first calendar-doors are

a little chocolaty Kermit

and the first little brown bag with vanilla chocolate and a little christmassy poem

how was your first december?
any special first doors



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