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December Favourites

December is nearly over and with it is the year 2014...probably not the best year ever and definitely not the easiest, but i made it through and i want to believe that 2015 will be a better year and that all my problems will end in smoke

natural and festive christmas, what else ;) and all its magicsnow outside and the winter wonderland...snuggling inside, drinking hot chocolate and watching an amazing film
beauty and pampering Rimmel KateMoss in 01 and 107- i bought my first rimmel kate lipstick in dublin a while ago and fell in love with the colours and pigmentation immediately. Unfortunately i am not often enough in UK or Ireland and i cant buy Rimmel in germany so i had to order them over Boots. I loved those to colours during december as they are very festive and  just prettySleeki-Divine Eyeshadow Pallet in Au Naturel- I love the colours in this pallet all of the 12. There are four glittery/shimmery ones and eight mattes, they are highly pigmented and easily to apply and blend. I lo…

My Christmas Days

Christmas is over and i cant believe how fast december and with it christmas passed by...just unbelievable...and i know that 2015 will pass by just as fast as 2014 did and in one year i will sit in front of my laptop and probably write exactly the same  I loved this christmas...well i actually love every christmas because i am just one of those christmas crazy people. I just love everything about it. The lights, especially the fairy lights ;), candles, all those indistinctive scents which make christmas so

BLOGMAS #DAY 23 and present wrapping

it is the day before christmas eve and that means it´s the last day of blogmas

i am pretty late this year with present wrapping...reaaally late actually
and unfortunately that may be the reason why i had less fun this year :(

i love this time of the year when you run around the city and search for the perfect presents for your loved ones. Its the time of the year when you look for the perfect wrapping paper and start decorating you presents.
I finished my christmas shopping really early this year i think by the 15th but the wrapping ... well i waited way to long.
I cant wait to see the faces while unwrapping my presents and see if i got the right things :)
well its too late to say i wanted to inspire your present decoration process but i thought its a very important part of christmas and thus a important part of blogmas.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Enjoy the time with your family and the free days to relax, enjoy and recharge.
Lots of love, peace and satisfaction.

♥ ♥♥

BLOGMAS #DAY20 and a christmas movie resumé 2014

I just realised that i actually saw only two christmas movies this christmas season :0 i have never seen just two movies before...I always started with the first on on TV and watch very single one until the last one...well now I can only tell you about these two...or try to remember my las years favourites :)
on of my all time favourite is of cause

The Grinch Jim Carrey is just second to none

Love Actually who could actually not love this film ;) i watched it today and i think there´s no way to watch this film too often :) all those amazing actors and i love the intertwining of all the different stories
thats life :)
The Santa Claus this is one of the films i never miss...either if i want to see it or if i just turn on the TV ;) never missed and never regretted it when i watched it once more


well Frozen is maybe not a christmas film but definitely a wintery and i love watching it around christmas like i love watching it all time of the year
The Polar Express do i really have to say…

BLOGMAS #DAY 19-21 and christmas traditions

i did it...i missed two days in a row...shame on me... :( well it´s hard to write while sleeping ;)

there are so many amazing and quite funny christmas traditions around the world and i thought there are many others out there on the interwebs who are interested in those.

1. Germany - Weihnachten

since i am german i thought i will start with my experiences and the german traditions our christmas time starts with the 1st of advent,which is always a sunday but every year a different date on dec. the 6th children get presents and sweets from St. Nikolaus...if they were good if not grampus comes, puts them in a bag and carries them away, in some regions the children put their shoes outside so St. Nikolaus can leave goodies...a long long time Nikolaus was the main present giver ´til the reformation. every sunday in december until christmas is advent 1.-2.-3.-4. and we have a wreath decorated with four candles and other christmassy things. Every sunday a candle is lit until the fourth sunday…

BLOGMAS #DAY17+18 christmas wishlist II

again i missed a day...again i failed my intention to do a daily blogmas :(
well.. I wrote a home wear christmas wosh list and because I am super greedy and insatiate ;)
and can never get enough I will show you my fashion and beauty wishlist today ;)

bsides all those amazing asos stuff i found a few other pieces wich I would love to see under the christmas tree 

this earing, I actually don´t know if this is a solitair or a pair of earings, is by a danish designer called Anders Forup and he makes some amazing and minimalistic pieces. I found this picture on Instagram.

This is an amazing colar i love the ethnic look and the combination of the colours and the little triangles - very pretty :) and simple but eye catching. I found this on DaWanda and you can have it in every colour/colour-combination you want it

This incredible ring is from a website called Adlero.  I found this picture on Pinterest, but unfortunately i could´nt find it on,  so maybe it´s not available a…