October Favourites

i know the monthly favourites are mostly a youtube thing, but i don´t have a youtube channel...(yet ;)
so i decided to make a october favourites on my blog =)

today is the first day of november and here they come my favourites of last month
i loved:

natural and festive
  1. i´ll start with the obvious: AUTUMN and its colors...maybe that isn´t a real favourite but i have to write it
  2. the silence early in the morning on weekends
  3. heather...in every colour and size and... just heather
  4. pumpkins...in soups and risottos and any other food and for halloween
  5. of cours HALLOWEEN
fashion and trends
  1. check...as everybody this autumn
  2. my new scarf from Forever 21, which i already showed you in another post here 
  3. i love the hat trend...i always loved hats and always wore them but now they are everywhere in the shops and its easier to buy new ones and waaaay cheeper ;)
  4. black...i love wearing black on black in glamoury punky style....without being asked if i visit a funeral
  5. and just scarves, hats, boots gloves all that autumn and winter specials
  1. L´oréal Color Riche in 374 Intense Plum...i know it´s been in the other post...but i actually love it...its sooo perfect for autumn and such a  great colour
  2. Tony&Guy dry shampoo...actually i am not so sure about this product, it works very very good, but it is quite expensive the only negative thing about it is that i don´t like the smell of it 
  3. Manhattan nail polish bonnie strange collection in 006 a very pretty dark purple with golden sparkles...so beautiful and very autumnal
  4. Manhattan 2 in 1 perfect teint powder-foundation in peach...i love this product its a light powdery foundation with good coverage and it´s very quick and easy to use
  5. Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream - love the smell and the way it sinks in so quickly
  6. Gliss Kur Liquid Silk express hair repair conditioner - love this...it is a i repurchased this three times and its perfect for new shine and untangling, which i new very often with my long and curly hair...its a live saver...i can really recommend it  
  1. george ezra: 1. drawing board <3 2. leaving it up to you 3. you don´t have to be in the army to fight in the war 4. budapest (LOVE IT SO MUCH)   
  2. frozen: let it go (so amazing), and...actually nearly every song in that film
  3. tangled: i see the light (god i always shiver when i hear it and have tears in my eyes) and kingdom dance
  4. hozier: angel of small death and the codeine scene
movies and TV shows
  1. shaun of the dead...i know its an old one but around halloween i just love it
  2. same for Zombiland

random stuff and dainties
  1. chai latte with vanilla and cinnemon by laudatio...man i could take a bath in that chai..it smells sooooo amazing and tastes delicious...perfect after a long day with disgusting weather
  2. and i am totally obsessed with KitKat chocolate bars at the moment
  3. favourite game is still the simpsons springfield (read about it here) and still hay day
  4. and i love my new little chars which i got yesterday, they are soooo cute with the little fauns on the lids

i hope you all had a fabulous october and can start in a wonderful new month november
have a happy and sunny weekend



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