November review glossy box

I am not sure if a monthly glossybox review is nessesery or requested
or if you actually enjoy reading about the new products but i am always so excited about the new box and i just enjoy writing about the new content =)

Now...this months box came with a elegant classic theme in germany
are the boxes in other countries themed every month too?

About content:

Teeez - Head over Heels Nail lacquer
in candy buzz

A long lasting collection, featuring the hottest seasonal colours. Extremely easy to apply, these long lasting lacquers deliver a perfectly smooth and glossy finish after just two applications, and boast three-day (minimum) staying power.
Gosh, look at this intense colour, and it took me ten seconds to polish all nails of one hand, amazing.

Everything they promise for this product is true...well i can not say anything about the saying power, but i think it will stay on my nails very chiping in two days though
All the colours are amazing, and there are so many pretty autumnal ones.

Nicka K New York - Colorluxe Powder Blush
in romantic

These revolutionary loos powder blushes make application effortless and never overdone. Housed in luxurious faux metal packaging with a soft, plush applicator puff. Six gorgeous shades add the perfect finish touch to any makeup look.

Very pretty colour and really easy to apply. Lovely, and i love love love the packaging, there is even a little mirror on the lid...and look at the adorable rose gold lid.

Bellápierre Cosmetics - Mineral Lipstick
in cat walk

These Lipsticks have been formulated with natural waxes and mineral pigments, iron oxides and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The smooth, silky, 100% natural and organic formula delivers long-lasting nourish colour. The mineral pigments also provide natural protection from the sun. Mineral Lipsticks do not contain animal products, lead, lanolin, parabens, or other harmful ingredients.

I LOVE this lipstick...i would even say its Mac competitive.
It smells delicious, the formula is amazing, smooth and pleasant.
I enjoy wearing this so much, and i think i will go for more colours...there are so many and they are so pretty...i loove this colour too, a very beautiful pinky nude.
Oh and, nearly forgot it, isn´t it great that these products are without any animal harm?

Lollipops Paris - Eye Pencil 
in black "goodbeye moon"

 Its formula is smooth and long-lasting formula and the special tip guarantees a fine and accurate applying. No sharpening necessary and the Vitamine E and anti-aging agents maintain the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Honestly...i absolutely don´t like this...don´t waste you money on this product!
The formula isn´t smooth at all...i needed four or five layers to create anything like a dark black line,
the tip broke with the second try and actually i don´t like these screwing liners at all.
well...actually nothing is good about this liner...sorry

Goldwell. - Style Sign 
Glamour Whip

With the FlexShine Protect-Technology this whip is easy and quick used. This product is enriched with bamboo-protein and creates an elastic film on your hair with max. shine.
You can use it for every hair-type, with anti frizz effect and colour-protection.

Dorry i can´t say anything about this product yet...haven´t tried it.
But if you´d like to read a review, leav a comment and i will catch up on it 

a very kind goodie, which i love
Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme
eau de parfume

The Perfume was inspired by the independent spirit of a women as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life; in this moment, she is at her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. Fresh, indulgent and fulfilling, this perfume created around the cactus flower invites you to take time to savour your life.
Top Note: cactus blossom
Heart Note: Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose bud
Base Note: Cedarwood

I love the scent of this perfume. Maybe its not a smell for everybody ´cause its pretty sweet an intense...and not very fresh or fruity, but...i´d love to invent smell-tv or something because this is so amazing

i hope you enjoyed reading this
leave a comment if you liked it and if not
have a wonderful day everybody


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