November Favourites

a very beautiful sunday and a magical first advent
well...another month is over and I really can not believe how fast the time is flying by
it´s less than a month to Christmas...and I am soo excited, cant wait for Christmas to come
every year around this time is look back and remember last years thoughts about how fast this next year will´s not so much this month...but a few things are worth to mention :)

natural and festive
  1. first thing first: i can´t wait for the first snow
  2. the first chritmas decorations are appearing and my festive mood grows from day to day...I really can´t wait for Christmas

  1. the fabulous NAKED 2 pallett by Urban Decay...i absolutely love this lately its perfect for this seasonal passage...not to warm and autumnal and not to cool and wintery, just perfect ♥
  2. Artdeco Mascara, I don´t know if I have mentiones it yet, but nevertheless I will mention it now...absolutely amazing: stunning volume, now spider legs, very pigmented
  3. Benefit - It´s potent Eyecream: i love this...oh wonder its in my favourites post... :) i got this in a glossy box two month ago i think and ´til this i am using this everyday and love it everyday, and i think i will purchase the larger one once my small sample is emptied
  4. Rival de Loop Express Nail nailpolish in 231 such a festive and christmassy dark green
  5. The Body Shop Glazed Apple  Shower Gel - i love the scent so smells so delicious i wanna eat it ;)

fashion and trends
  1. Only one thing this month: my supercute gloves from Pennys I bought this August in Dublin... btw go Penys/Primark and create an online shop now...there is now Primark near me the next one is 2 or 3 hours i am in deprivation here

  1. the score of Dracula Untold by Ramin Djawadi: well cutting it short he is a genius, he also made the score of Game of Thrones, Deception, Iron Man,... and so many others
  2. the soundtrack of Endless Legend, its so magical and beautiful, just amazing
  3. Rude by this =)
  4. Classic by MKTO
  5. Say Something by a great big world & christina that is the sadest ever I nearly cried the first time I listened to it
  6. oh and : do you allready know Two Steps from Hell? No? You should!!!

movies and TV shows
  1. My Neighbor Totoro this is the best movie really i love this so much...and watch it when ever i feel bad or sad or in anyway not good ;) so cute and guys I desperately want a Totoro ♥♥♥
    look at him...ohh so cute 
  2. Elementary, what a show, i mean making John Watson female...i know the show isn´t the newest...but it is amazing i love everything about it...well okay i am not so sure about this Moriarty interpretation (no spoilers ;)), but the rest is just stunning
  3. oh and of corse all the christmas movies ;) but I save these for my december special =D i am so excited ;) 
  4. the hunger games: mockingjay
  5. and yes i admit it: Buffy - the vampire slayer...rediscovered it lately...its just so funny to revive the 90´s

people, random stuff and dainties
  1. the video of Chandelier by Sia
  2. Fritt: don´t know how to describe it...and I don´t know if that is sold outside of germany, but i looove it so much...delicious :)
  3. Rene Marik and Maulwurfn ;) a german comedian :) 

I hope you all had a fabulous november, with lots of love, success and health
and of course Dezember will be marvelous

pictures are all from google


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