My beloved Lipstick Collection

i am soo sorry that it took so much time until a new blogpost
it took ages to write this one...although it doesent look like it ;)
i´ve been watching so many lipstick collection videos on youtube lately
and i thought..."you do have so many lipsticks so why don´t you share them with everybody who is interested in your experiences with the different brands and colours"

and now i will do exactly that
sorry for the crappy pictures :(
let me know what you think about them and if you need more information!!!
have fun

1. L´oréal

Caresse in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

Color Riche 374 Intensive Plum

2. Mac

Matte in Velvet Teddy

Amplified in Morange and Dark Side
(i actually just started to collect Mac Lipsticks and am already totally addicted)

3. Maybelline

Color sensational in

 914 vibrant mandarin, 240 galactic mauve and 910 shocking coral

moisture extreme lipstick in

345 plum sunrise, 563 precious ruby and 430 sweet nectarine

4. Manhattan

x-treme last & shine in 53Z

Blogger´s choice lipsticks in 1 fire escape, 2 papayeah! and 3 meat me t the district

perfect creamy and care in 95L

lip lacquer in 10C roaring red and 3P toffee coffee (in reality its a little less red)

colour splash lip tint in 93C my mandarine and 94R red tulip

5. Rival de Loop

in 18, 36, 40, 61

6. Alterra

06 Terra, 08 classic red, 14 tulip, 15 red wine

7. Astor and Rimmel

color last VIP heidi klum in 007 bubbly

lasting finish by Kate lipstick  in 01

lasting finish matte by kate moss in 107(n.o.p.)

i hope you enjoyed it
and i hope your weekend was aa amazing as mine



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