animal sanctuary - try to help guys

during tidying out my space I found a few magazines from Gut Aiderbichl which is a animal sanctuary for actually nearly every animal you can imagine
I am a sponsor of a horse there for so many years now

this is him, Kronos
not the best picture actually ;)
and I thought maybe I can appeal to your better nature or maybe to your conscience to browse around if you can find a animal sanctuary in your surroundings 

I thought I´ll tell you a little about this special institution called Gut Aiderbichl
(in english)

Michael Aufhauser

He founded this institution in 2000 after the experience of a gasification of 40 cats and dogs in spain. He bought the remaining animals and in the following years he saved more than 1000 other animals. in cooperation with Irene Florence and the animal welfare organisation "Pro Animale".

His philosophy:
"Selbst wenn wir Tiere vor uns Meschen schützen können hätten wir nichts erreicht.
Wir haben erst etwas erreicht, wenn wir Tiere nicht mehr vor uns Menschen schützen müssen.
Dann haben wir etwas verändert: Uns!"
in english:
"Even if we could protect animals against humans there´s nothing accomplished.
Not until we don´t need to protect animals against humans.
Then we have changed something: Ourselves!"

i love this philosophy and it changed so much in the world of animal protecting.
Its about a comprehensive humanity including nature and animals.
Its about calling to mind that animals are feeling and living beings and not a things.
It´s about revealing abuses and thinking about proposed solutions.

Gut Aiderbichl

First step was to find a place to shelter the animals. They found a property in Henndorf and the first Gut Aiderbichl was born. They got a huge furore in media and many people came to visit.
Soon Gut Aiderbichl got a place to go for animal savers, now they knew where to go if the saved an animal and it was and is a institution in the interests of animals.
More and more animals arrived and they extended the stables and more branches emerged.

Today there are five in Germany (Deggendorf, Thanham, Allanz, Iffeldorf and the Moosfeldhof), five in Austria (Henndorf, Micheldorf(Kärnten), Kilb, Gänserndorf and Maria Schmolln), one in France and one in Switzerland (St. Gallen).
Not every Gut Aiderbichl is open for public and a few of them are only for a few species like cats and dogs and the one in Gänserndorf is a refuge for monkeys, former laboratory animals.

Maybe i have to point out that Gut Aiderbichl is not only a political or pr-strategy intitution. They want to show a new world with positive stories about saved animals instead of deterrent pictures of tortured animals.
But Gut Aiderbichl is not only a memorial for animals rights, they describe them selfs as a mirror of the undignified approach with the animals, the battery farming and transportation of animals.
Its a mirror of how we treat each other and how we treat weaker beings.
Its about compassion, sense of justice and mercy and that you can not assume them.
Those virtues ned to be evolved.
Nobody needs complains or protest, we need solutions!

1. Animals are empathetic beings, fellow creatures and not only objects and that has to be approved world wide.
2. This fact has to be lawful approved.
3. Gut Aiderbichel has to do educational work, highlighting cases of animal maltreatment, yet never without making suggestions for better solutions.
In the spirit of the credo that humanity isn´t only for humans. First respect each other and all living creatures, animals, plants, nature.
4. Show the biography of animals, which are often very hard and sad. Remind the visitors of how you treat weaker, remind of our moral values (benevolence, compassion, humility, mercy)
5. every animal is free to life a live that´s true to their nature and they are not pressured to perform.
6. Give background information about the animals. especially about farm animals (keeping, breed, transport) but without negative headlines .
7. The establishments have to be of integrity, of highest animal keeping standards, attractive to visitors, transparent and economically successful.
The funding is generated with annual passes and sponsorships. this way the institution consists of many fellow campaigner and they generate a secure financial basis.

for more:


there are so many different species, I don´t even know where to start...
maybe with
monkeys: there are 39 former laboratory animals
chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys
a video about the first outside experience of the chimpanzees after their life in laboratories
and their overwhelming happiness
ducks: 1 family duck
donkeys:  >18 very cute ones actually
ferrets: 3 called betty, tina and theo
foxes: 4, very adorable elli, philippa, patrick and karl-heinz
geese: 6, ernie,bert, samantha, frida, resi and marco
rabbits: 8 and soooo cute ♥
honey bear: called juppy
dogs: 51 super cute dogies, can not understand why anyone should treat them badly
chicken: 1 rooster called charly
camel: one called franziska
cats:  38 from kitten to oldie
marten: one cutie called hilde
guinea pigs: 3 adorable ones called maxi, bärbel and darwin
mule: one  pretty mule called willi
peacock: called richi
horses: >90 beautiful horses, many former police horses or sports horses, way to lovely to kill
ponies: 38 cuties
cattle: 37 cuter than thought
sheep: 7 fluffies
pigs: >14 and even mini pigs
goats: 26 of that funny animal

most of the animals have a home on gut aiderbichl forever, but a few are looking for a new home

information and pictures from
on 18th of november 2014

well I just think its so easy to do something and its so marvelous to see and experience how happy and relaxed the animals are on gut aiderbichl
its just such a perfect experience to be surrounded by happy animals in peace and healed from their suffering...relieved

and I am sure every country has its own animal rescuing projects...and there are so many, you don´t need to go to Greenpeace or another big one...I think it would be great to support lokal projects ;) but of course its great to support the animal and nature protecting projects of Greenpeace :)
I don´t say that you have to travel to spain or greece to save the animals...its about doing one's bit
even if it is just a 1euro donation or a sponsorship.
With a sponsorship you wouldn´t have to lift a finger, but you know that it is a great experience to see the saved animals and feel their relief.
I mean have you ever seen a happy, free horse running and jumping across a field?


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