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good evening loves
its been many weeks ago as i´ve been to a restaurant with a few friends and i had a delicious Kir Royal...very delicious indeed ;)
and I thought that a Kir Royal or any variation is very rare on restaurant menues, and that is very sad ´cause its really delicious...

so maybe its time to start making my own Kir Royal or Kir or Virgin Kir Royal ;)
and share the recipes with you 



Kir is a french cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis, wich is a blackcurrant liqueur, topped up with white wine.
In France it is usually drunk as and apéritif and the originally used wine was Bourgogne Aligoté.
The cocktail was origonally calles blanc-cassic but now it is named after Félix Kir (1876-1968), a mayor of Dijon in Burgundy. He brought it into prominence by offering it at reception to visiting delegations (well there are other theories).

Besides the basic Kir there are tonns of variations: 
  • Cidre Royal - made with cider instead of wine, plus a measure of calvados
  • Communard/Cardinal -  made with red wine instead of white
  • Hibiscus Royal - made with sparkling wine, peach liqueur, raspberry liqueur and an edible hibiscus flower
  • Kir Berrichon - made with red wine and blackberry liqueur (Crème de mures)
  • Kir Breton - made with breton cider instead of wine
  • Kir Impérial - made with raspberry liqueur (i.e. Chambord) instead of cassis, and champagne
  • Kir Normand - made with Normandy cider instead of wine
  • Kir Pamplemousse - made with red grapefruit liqueur and sparkling white wine
  • Kir Peche - made with peach liqueur
  • Kir Pétillant - made with sparkling wine
  • Kir Royal - made with champagne
  • Pink Russian - made with milk instead of wine
  • Tarantino - made with lager or light ale ("kir-beer")
honsetly some of those variations sound really disgusting...but maybe they´re worth to try ;)

Kir Royal

Kir Royal is a variation of Kir. It is made with Campagne instead of Wine.
Hence it it is more expensive to make a Kir royal and typically reserved for celebrations and special occasions.

well: how to make Kir /royal:
contrary to beliefs, neither Kir or Kir royal are very sweet or deeply coloured. The perfect ingrediant combination should result in a pale blush colour, tasting of blackcurrant, refreshing and only slightly sweet. Too much liqueur - too sweet and too less freshness - and too alkoholic - it wouldn´t work as apéritif any more.
I read on some website that the perfect ratio is around 1/5 crème de cassis (roomtemperature) to 4/5 chilled dry white wine...same for Kir royal only champagne indead of wine
for a more precise description: click here

Faux Kir royal

for those of you who don´t drink alcohol i have a virgin, non alcoholic Variation.
You just replace the crème de cassis with raspberry syrup and the campagne with sparkling apple juice. And serve it in a wine goblet.
that sounds really sweet...maybe add some sparkling water?
again for a precise recipe

go now and try...why are you still reading this...try a Kir royal...oh maybe i haven´t mentioned it...its delicious ;)

and make sure you leave a comment about your own personal Kir experience



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