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November Favourites

a very beautiful sunday and a magical first advent
well...another month is over and I really can not believe how fast the time is flying by it´s less than a month to Christmas...and I am soo excited, cant wait for Christmas to come every year around this time is look back and remember last years thoughts about how fast this next year will´s not so much this month...but a few things are worth to mention :)

natural and festive
first thing first: i can´t wait for the first snowthe first chritmas decorations are appearing and my festive mood grows from day to day...I really can´t wait for Christmas

the fabulous NAKED 2 pallett by Urban Decay...i absolutely love this lately its perfect for this seasonal passage...not to warm and autumnal and not to cool and wintery, just perfect ♥Artdeco Mascara, I don´t know if I have mentiones it yet, but nevertheless I will mention it now...absolutely amazing: stunning volume, now spider legs, very pigmentedBenefit- It´s potent Eyecream: i l…

About Kir Royal

good evening loves its been many weeks ago as i´ve been to a restaurant with a few friends and i had a delicious Kir Royal...very delicious indeed ;) and I thought that a Kir Royal or any variation is very rare on restaurant menues, and that is very sad ´cause its really delicious...
so maybe its time to start making my own Kir Royal or Kir or Virgin Kir Royal ;) and share the recipes with you 

Kir is a french cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis, wich is a blackcurrant liqueur, topped up with white wine. In France it is usually drunk as and apéritif and the originally used wine was Bourgogne Aligoté. The cocktail was origonally calles blanc-cassic but now it is named after Félix Kir (1876-1968), a mayor of Dijon in Burgundy. He brought it into prominence by offering it at reception to visiting delegations (well there are other theories).
Besides the basic Kir there are tonns of variations:  Cidre Royal - made with cider instead of wine, plus a measure of calvadosCommuna…

animal sanctuary - try to help guys

during tidying out my space I found a few magazines from Gut Aiderbichl which is a animal sanctuary for actually nearly every animal you can imagine I am a sponsor of a horse there for so many years now

and I thought maybe I can appeal to your better nature or maybe to your conscience to browse around if you can find a animal sanctuary in your surroundings  ♥ ♥♥

I thought I´ll tell you a little about this special institution called Gut Aiderbichl
(in english)

Michael Aufhauser

He founded this institution in 2000 after the experience of a gasification of 40 cats and dogs in spain. He bought the remaining animals and in the following years he saved more than 1000 other animals. in cooperation with Irene Florence and the animal welfare organisation "Pro Animale".

His philosophy:
"Selbst wenn wir Tiere vor uns Meschen schützen können hätten wir nichts erreicht.
Wir haben erst etwas erreicht, wenn wir Tiere nicht mehr vor uns Menschen schützen müssen.
Dann haben wir etwas…

November review glossy box

I am not sure if a monthly glossybox review is nessesery or requested or if you actually enjoy reading about the new products but i am always so excited about the new box and i just enjoy writing about the new content =)
Now...this months box came with a elegant classic theme in germany are the boxes in other countries themed every month too?

About content:
1. Teeez - Head over Heels Nail lacquer in candy buzz

A long lasting collection, featuring the hottest seasonal colours. Extremely easy to apply, these long lasting lacquers deliver a perfectly smooth and glossy finish after just two applications, and boast three-day (minimum) staying power. Gosh, look at this intense colour, and it took me ten seconds to polish all nails of one hand, amazing.
Everything they promise for this product is true...well i can not say anything about the saying power, but i think it will stay on my nails very chiping in two days though All the colours are amazing, and there are so many pretty autu…

My beloved Lipstick Collection

i am soo sorry that it took so much time until a new blogpost
it took ages to write this one...although it doesent look like it ;)
i´ve been watching so many lipstick collection videos on youtube lately and i thought..."you do have so many lipsticks so why don´t you share them with everybody who is interested in your experiences with the different brands and colours"
and now i will do exactly that
sorry for the crappy pictures :( let me know what you think about them and if you need more information!!! have fun
1. L´oréal

Caresse in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia
Color Riche 374 Intensive Plum

2. Mac

Matte in Velvet Teddy

Amplified in Morange and Dark Side
(i actually just started to collect Mac Lipsticks and am already totally addicted)

3. Maybelline

Color sensational in

 914 vibrant mandarin, 240 galactic mauve and 910 shocking coral

moisture extreme lipstick in
345 plum sunrise, 563 precious ruby and 430 sweet nectarine

4. Manhattan

x-treme last & shine in 53Z

Blogger´s choice li…