springfield and halloween

wow...it´s been so long since my last blogpost...sorry guys, just not enough time working 10h a day
anyway today i´m writing about something very different
a app for your mobile phone, which i absolutely love and actually use over a year now
well actually it a game...a simpsons game...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the simpsons
i´m thinking about doing this review for a while now, but i can´t wait any longer since it looks so gorgeous and pretty and autumnal now

Springfield - The Simpsons

its a game by EA and its free2play 

well about the game:
after a atomic detonation springfield is completely destroyed and only Homer is left behind to rebuilt the city, you actually built all the new houses and stores and after a while you gain more and more springfielders back...sometimes its really hard because you have to save enough money to buy  stuff...it is possible to spend real money actually, but its not necessary
you can gain money to built more, XP´s to level up to unlock new stuff to built and donuts which allow you to built faster or built special things

during the game you always have little quests for your springfield characters
and you can give them all different tasks...on this way you can gain money to built now houses and stores from which you can gain even more money to built more things

while building you can reach a few different goals for creating a beautiful and balanced city, i.e. consumerist approach, vanity, obedience or socialism...every assessment has 5 stars to reach and with every star you can earn more money and built more

this is the window which appears when you check out your assessments
it´s in german...sorry...i try to translate it
under the big stars it say something like: total bonus of consensus and decoration: 26,85% money and XP
that means i gain 26,85% more money and XP because of the stars i gathered
the eight assessments below are "freedom of pain", consumerist approach, environmentalism, vanity, obedience, gluttony, integrity and socialism

this is your standard HUD
on the upper left are your terminal quests on the lower left are your stars, your level, your money and your donuts
on the right are four different buttons...from the left: the special halloween stuff, visit companioned springfields (you can like this game with origin and facebook), move things in your springfield or build streets, rivers,... and buy houses, stores and decoration
in the middle is your springfield in which you are playing
your store
on the left are your buttons to buy characters, houses and decorations
the red button in the middle is your link to the halloween store

there a pros and cons about this game...as always...but i would say there a more pros
  1. i like the seasonal updates...like the halloweeny at the moment and i cant wait for christmas
    these are your special halloween-treehouse of horror XXV awards
    you can gain special objects if you gather enough alien-objects
  2. i love the seasons in your own personal springfield...in winter everywhere is snow and now all the trees are red and orange and yellow
  3. this game is absolutely addictive ... really i´m not joking
  4. the total freedom in creating your own springfield...it´s so exciting to see how many different springfield-designs are possible when you visit others...you can built houses, stores, streets, rivers, trees, benches, other plants, restaurants, churches, just everything that appears in the series...i love making my springfield nice and green
well this kind of introduces my cons
  • during that time of the year, when nothing special, like halloween or christmas or easter happens...the game bores me sometimes a little especially if your level is at highest possible stage...actually there are nonseasonal special events, but not all the time unfortunately...but of corse there a people behind it who have to program all of this ;) and they need sometime to do this...and they are doing a fabulous job
  • the game needs really much memory space on your phone...and with every update its a little more...i think on mine its around 500MB...that is a hell of a lot for a app...but i have to say its absolutely worth it

anybody out there with different experiences with this game...
are you playing it???
leave a comment about your springfield and if you like my game reviews ;)

have a nice sunday everyone 


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