some new goodies

lately...i have spent waaaaay to much money on beauty really
not the regular...well maybe just not normal for me
i think i got even more than this stuff in this post...and i don´t remember...THATs bad... ;)

well i haven´t bought this all in one but in the last weeks...actually all in october


ok lets see...i think i went a little overboard at this manhattan counter
i got two eyeshadow pallets, one blush and one foundation and two eyeliners from rival de loop

perfect cover foundation
in 20 soft beige
its a pretty thick formula, but a light foundation, not covering too much 
and it feels very good on the skin

my hand looks reeeaally funny on this picture ;)

eyemazing effect eyeshadow
in 95R brownie break

love these colours, they look adorable together but every single one is pretty on its own
 and they are so beautiful, warm and soooo autumnal

eyemazing effect eyeshadow
in 95C rosy wood

these are actually more wintery colours with a cooler undertone
love them

powder rouge tender touch
in 39D apricot
this colour is so adorable and looks so cute and the cheeks 
its a very natural colour, very pigmented but not too vibrant

rival de loop
permanent liquid eye liner 
in black and dark brown
i like them the stay on really long, but don´t apply it on eye shadow or powder because the formula does not run good enough into the felt tip


there was a 30% off of foundation, blusher and maybe i bought a little too much
but i actually wanted to try a few different brands and kinds of foundations

the tony&guy dry shampoo was nearly to expensive for me to buy it, but i thought it's my one and only treat and i actually wanted to try it for ages

2 in 1 Perfect Teint
in 20 peach

L´oréal paris
le teint perfect match
this is some kind of liquid gel foundation with 75% moisturiser
in rosy vanilla

Liquid Foundation
in 120 classic ivory

and a few golden them. simple but special

i hope you have a wonderful week and tell me your experiences with these products :)


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