in and out and anniversary

today i am having my blog for two month and i have ooooone
now on this special occasion i´d like to ask everybody
what would you change or what keeps you from clicking this little-follow-button or from leaving a teeny tiny comment???
maybe today i will get the first comment on a blogpost...
be honest i can take that


well...actually i wanted to do a IN and OUT post
what is in for me and what is out

  1. capri sun - most of all of the standart pouches here in germany - the Multi Vitamin
  2. 30% off - campains on make up
  3. glossy box...i am in this whole glossy box business just a very short time and that´s maybe the reason why i cant wait for my new box every month
  4. cosy evenings cuddled into a soft and cuddly blanket with my man and a hot chocolate and a good movie or thrilling book
  5. endless amount of cookies at my work
  6. exra long hair grips

  1. my autumnal migrains in combination with wind, no storm...everyday...not very nice
  2. the odd glances from the ladys at rossmann (where i buy my make up) when i walk in there almost everyday becaus its so near to where i work
  3. not looking forward the weekend because there is soooo much to do...weekend should be something you are looking for
  4. sitting around with nothing to do...and not even having the chance to
  5. preasure

well and there is one thing which is IN&OUT 
autumn storms
i LOVE them so much...when i am inside my flat and can stay inside
don´t like them so much if i have to go out...not the nicest thing actually

how about you any special INs and OUts lately???


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