a HAUL---saturday shopping

on saturday i´ve been shopping with a very good friend of mine...it been way too long since the last time we visited all the busy shops in munich and we had a great day with aching feet at the end
means its been successful...thanks for the lovely day dear

well no actually it wasn´t that successfull...i wanted a dress...totally out of stock...everywhere :´(
she wanted a scarf...not yet in stock in germany...or maybe never :o :(
so we decided to let go all our frustration in buying random stuff we actually don´t need
what else... ;)
actually i am very happy about all my new pieces...yay

sorry about the crappy lightning...i liked it at first but the black pieces are literally just black
i´ll do it chronologically
first we´ve been to forever 21 yay...woop woop...where else
what i´ve bought:

a black blouse which was 14,95
it´s pretty short but i love the little collar and the buttons down the back 

an a white top which also was 14,95
i love the big arm-holes and the sipper on the back 

next we went to H&M

where i´ve got this amazing autumnal hat which costs 19,99
and i just love it...cant wait to wear it

after H&M was Douglas

i´ve got a new tangle teezer in a really bright pink..yay it was i think 14,95

and now...yes i confess it we went into forever 21 again...yes i know i am addicted

  • a necklace, which is the heaviest i ever had, but also the prettiest i love the different metals and chain - thingis - 7,45
  • little rings for the upper part of your fingers (sorry don´t know how to describe) also in different metals ;) - 3,95
  • and a flower crown...finally i found one which i actually like - 3,95
  • the hat is the one from H&M
  • and 4 bangles with HOPE and LOVE written on them...i love the used look =) - only 1€ wow
  • and a beautiful and super cosy scarf - 10,45

at last i´ve got a few new goodies for my makeup collection...well that is kind of a last few weeks haul thing...


Color Riche in 374 Intense Plum
i LOVE this one...such a pretty colour and perfect for autumn and a really intense colour - lovely
Caresse in 202 Intense Fuchsia
pretty, pink, feels good on the lips, very pigmented, love it


these are the three colours of Manhattans resent special collection - Bloggers Choice
  1. No.1 Matte Lipstick in Fire Escape
  2. No.3 Matte Lipstick in Meat me at the district
  3. No. 2 Matte Lipstick in Papayeah!
pretty colours and very pigmented, but as far as i experienced not very moisturising...definitely a balm needed

sorry i cant remember any lipstick prizes

i will test them a little more and if you want amore detailed review let me know =)
well i hope you had fun reading this
follow and comment if you liked it ;)


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