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update on my ecocube christmastree

I know it sounds funny and actually a little silly, but i realized that it will take waaaay longer to grow my little tree big enough to decorate it for christmas =(  I could have thought about it...well i will grow it until next christmas then the brother of a friend of mine told me it would take three years until it is about 50cm high that is a really long time and I can´t wait soo loong 
ok chance to change it...until now my little tree is about 9cm high and looks like cress I think I will decorate the cube instead

that is how it looks like at the moment

isn´t it cute can´t wait to see what will happen next

for more info and how to start your own eco-cube plant click here
do any of you have experiences with eco cube plants
anything I have to take care of???

some new goodies

lately...i have spent waaaaay to much money on beauty really not the regular...well maybe just not normal for me
i think i got even more than this stuff in this post...and i don´t remember...THATs bad... ;)
well i haven´t bought this all in one but in the last weeks...actually all in october

ok lets see...i think i went a little overboard at this manhattan counter i got two eyeshadow pallets, one blush and one foundation and two eyeliners from rival de loop
Manhattan perfect cover foundation in 20 soft beige its a pretty thick formula, but a light foundation, not covering too much  and it feels very good on the skin

Manhattan eyemazing effect eyeshadow pallet  in 95R brownie break

love these colours, they look adorable together but every single one is pretty on its own  and they are so beautiful, warm and soooo autumnal

Manhattan eyemazing effect eyeshadow pallet in 95C rosy wood

these are actually more wintery colours with a cooler undertone love them

Manhattan blusher  …

hypothyroidism - Schilddrüsenunterfunktion i am going to write an post in german... its about hypothyroidism and i think with all the special medical terms i´ll do a better job in german =) if you want to read about it in english too i will try my best to translate it =) leave a comment if required
ich habe schon länger darüber nachgedacht einen post über Schilddrüsenprobleme zu schreiben, weil ich selbst schon seit vier oder fünf Jahren mit einer Unterfunktion kämpfe und hoffe, dass ich mit meinen Erfahrungen vielleicht einigen von euch weiterhelfen kann.
Zur Schilddrüse (glandula thyroidea):  Sie ist ein sehr kleines Organ in Schmetterlingsform an der Halsvorderseite und dafür zuständig Hormone zu produzieren und Jod zu speichern.

Schilddrüsenhormonkreis: Er beinhaltet fördernde und hemmende Mechanismen der Schilddrüsensteuerhormone und der Schilddrüsenhormone. Aus der Gehirnregion Hypothalamus wird TRH ( Thyrotropin-releasing hormone) freigesetzt, das in der Hypophyse (der Hirnanhangsdrüse) die Abgabe von TSH (S…

in and out and anniversary

today i am having my blog for two month and i have ooooone now on this special occasion i´d like to ask everybody what would you change or what keeps you from clicking this little-follow-button or from leaving a teeny tiny comment??? maybe today i will get the first comment on a blogpost... be honest i can take that


well...actually i wanted to do a IN and OUT post what is in for me and what is out
IN capri sun - most of all of the standart pouches here in germany - the Multi Vitamin30% off - campains on make upglossy box...i am in this whole glossy box business just a very short time and that´s maybe the reason why i cant wait for my new box every monthcosy evenings cuddled into a soft and cuddly blanket with my man and a hot chocolate and a good movie or thrilling bookendless amount of cookies at my workexra long hair grips

OUT my autumnal migrains in combination with wind, no storm...everyday...not very nicethe odd glances from the ladys at rossmann (where i buy my m…

the random photo tag

again nobody taged me...i wonder if that ever happens... ;) today i am going to do the random photo tag: you have to go to the 4th file in your pictures and then the 4th image aaand explain it.

well mine is actually quite queer... its been taken in a museum called Lokschuppen (link below) there was a alexander the great exhibition... and its my sister, my boyfriend and me pretending to be greek athletics pretty short explanation indeed...sorry...if you have any questions =) i will answer them gladly
i tag you...just try it...its been so much fun to rummage through all the old pictures tell me about your picture


my mum gave me this last year...and I totally forgot about it...oh noooooo and its soooo cute

but this year I am sooo keen to see how it works and what is going to happen =) 


1.   inside of the ecocube are seeds and special developmentally pellets 2.   unwrap the cube and remove the sticker on top

 3.   fill in 30 ml of water...carefully

4.   place the cube at a bright and warm place in your flat and water regularly 5.   after 10-14 days the christmastree starts to grow 6.   after 8 month you can plant the cube in your garden or somewhere else outside - the cube composts slowly and will be a valuable fertilizer for the tree
i started yesterday...first I wanted to begin growing the tree at 1st of december but I really want to decorate it a little around christmas time =D thats why I decided to start today

can´t wait until the tree begins to spring I will definitely keep you current ;) 
you can buy them online for example at…

a HAUL---saturday shopping

on saturday i´ve been shopping with a very good friend of been way too long since the last time we visited all the busy shops in munich and we had a great day with aching feet at the end means its been successful...thanks for the lovely day dear

well no actually it wasn´t that successfull...i wanted a dress...totally out of stock...everywhere :´( she wanted a scarf...not yet in stock in germany...or maybe never :o :( so we decided to let go all our frustration in buying random stuff we actually don´t need what else... ;) actually i am very happy about all my new pieces...yay
i´ll do it chronologically first we´ve been to forever 21 yay...woop woop...where else what i´ve bought:

a black blouse which was 14,95 it´s pretty short but i love the little collar and the buttons down the back 

an a white top which also was 14,95 i love the big arm-holes and the sipper on the back 
next we went to H&M

where i´ve got this amazing autumnal hat which costs 19,99 and i just love it..…

springfield and halloween

Image´s been so long since my last blogpost...sorry guys, just not enough time working 10h a day anyway today i´m writing about something very different a app for your mobile phone, which i absolutely love and actually use over a year now well actually it a game...a simpsons game...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the simpsons i´m thinking about doing this review for a while now, but i can´t wait any longer since it looks so gorgeous and pretty and autumnal now
Springfield - The Simpsons

its a game by EA and its free2play 
well about the game: after a atomic detonation springfield is completely destroyed and only Homer is left behind to rebuilt the city, you actually built all the new houses and stores and after a while you gain more and more springfielders back...sometimes its really hard because you have to save enough money to buy is possible to spend real money actually, but its not necessary
you can gain money to built more, XP´s to level up to unlock new stuff to built and donut…

Glossy Box - Pop Art Edition

it´s been a while since i received my glossy box - Pop Art Edition my days have just been sooo busy lately i just couldn´t find the time to do this review =)
firstly i love the special box this month...i actually got the design i wanted...woop woop here it is 

the first thing that cought my eye was the hand cream...what a packaging, it looks so lovely and i was very keen to try the eye cream...i am actually not using special eye cream very often because my regular skin care (look at the skin care review) does a good job on my eyes

About contents :

Eye Cream - It´s Potent by Benefit Cosmetics

firstly...i love the little jar this little sample came in...i was so delighted as i saw this and could not wait to try this cream...and it is indeed first i was not to sure about the scent, but what the product description promises and actually fulfills is really convincing. Its a high-quality product which fades dark under-eye-circles, smoothes and moisturises the skin an spoils the…