a "about me" tag

sorry i haven´t been blogging for so long
i read about this "about me tag" in many blogs...well i was not tagged by anyone but i thought
i don´t care and just do it: i tag myself
;) have fun!

your name: Verena
and nicknames: Reni, SliSli (long story ;) ), Renivre, Ena
birthday: 20th July 1992
place of birth: Landshut, Germany
zodiac sign: cancer
gender: female
residence: Dorfen and Rosenehim
screen name?: Vemiska
any siblings: yes one sister, nina
occupation?: student

your hair colour: brown and blonde...ombré
hair length: pretty long
eye colour: hazel/brown
best feature: eyes i think 
height?: 1,68 m
have or had braces?: i had them when i was 18...pretty late...yay...the happiest time in my life ;)
glasses?: Yes, but only for lectures and car driving
tattoos?: Yes on my upper back (a phoenix)
any piercing: ears
righty or lefty: right

your 'firsts':
first sport you joined: um...gymnastics (i did i actually 8 or 10 years i think) and horse riding
first real vacation: Kreta, Greece... i was 6 month old...is that a real vacation?
first concert: 30 Seconds to Mars
fav´book: Pippi Longstocking
first love: :) i´m not sure...maybe tobias...i was 10 something...is that a first real love? he gave me my first love letter 
if not...my bf  :* love you
first award you won: Um...i think i never won any award...

colours: dark blue and cream-white and pastels
movie: no way...i cant decide
TV show: i think...i don´t know...can´t choose
song at the moment: Ho Hey by the lumineers and so many others
sweet: anything with nougat
food: um i guess...maybe lasagna or all the other delicious things ;) i loove pizza...but my body doesen´t...thats my destiny loving pizza but with all the wheat and yeast in it...my body explodes :(
restaurant: a little one in my town called Wailtl
store: at the moment definitely forever 21, river island and H&M and if i would have a primark in munich...i would never stop shopping 
animal: rabbits and meerkats
book: i love all the classics...from shakespeare to dickens...my favorite book for the longest time is the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger and the life list by lori nelson spielman
shoes: Boots and sandals...i would love to wear more heeled pumps but i have the strangest feet and every time i am wearing pumps i loose my shoes
piece of clothing: um...i think cardigans, jackets and coats anything like these
piece of make up: lipstick!!! and maybe mascara

at the moment:
How are you feeling?: a little nervous but good and happy
Are you online: yep
 single or taken?: taken
What are you eating: cheesecake
typing: this tag
you listening to: the sounds of my bf computer game...dayZ i think
thinking about: wednesday...i am so nervous
wanting: myself to be strong
watching: this tag and out of the window when i am thinking about my answers
wearing?: a jumper and pyjama trousers
Where are you: Dorfen, at my bfs

in the future:
Do you want children: Of course. at least 2 :) but not more than 4
want to be married?: Yes i do
Have any careers in mind?: I hope there will be one
Where do you want to live?: honestly Ireland...i love this country and have been there so often

Have you ever:
kissed a stranger:  I think so...yes.
had alcohol: indeed
smoked: Yes, to try it and sometimes at a party...but i don´t like it...
ran away from home: wanted to many times.
broken a bone: just a finger...its crooked since
got an x-ray: yep...many times
broken someone's heart: Yes
broke up with someone: Yes
cried when someone died: Yes always
cried at school: Yes i think so

do you believe in:
miracles: yes kind of
destiny: Yes
love at first sight: No
ghosts: Yes
other mystical creatures: Not really...maybe fairies ;)
aliens: not the hollywood kind of alien but i believe in life from out a space...we cant be the only life in this universe
soul mates: Yes definitely
reincarnation: Yes
god: Not really...its more a believe in some kind of greater energy
heaven: No
hell: No
kissing on the first date: well why not? already did it ;)
yourself : rough question...its different from time to time

well thank you =)
i have to tag someone, haven´t i
well i tag you...yes exactly


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