a few weeks ago i ordered some pieces at, a online store which exists since 2008
they actually have a page at every social media website like twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, tumblr and a blog (link below)
i ordered at august 19th and a few days ago it was delivered...yay
it took a while...but the package had a looong way to go to come to me 
it actually came from shanghai 
I am SO happy and can´t wait to wear my new cloth at last =D

first i ordered two fabulous cardigans

 this one is absolutely amazing i LOVE it sooo is perfect for this time of the year when the weather is getting colder and autumn is coming
it´s not too warm and thick but perfect for a autumny breeze
and the colors a soo pretty and autumn
for more information about that or if you want to get it

this cardigan is maybe even better than the other one...its warmer and sooo cosy
i love the way it os closed crossover, its so special 
the color is pretty and wintery 

 two very cute blouses

i havent worn this blouse...its going to be so cute in spring
i think it is way to thin for autumn, maybe with a little top or a cute jumper
i love the floral pattern, the pretty buttons and the floaty see-trough material


look at the cute bow...its so adorable
i love that the blouse is so simple in front and so special at the back
the sleeves are pretty loose and gathered with an elastic band at the end
and the color is very vibrant and bright, i am actually not the biggest fan of yellow, in clothing, and its pretty hard to find something in this color i really like but i love this blouse and
i´m so looking forward to wear this

and last but not least two amazing kimonos

this kimono is so amazing 
it will look so pretty with a cute little black dress or tight black trousers or leggings and a black top
i love the tassels and the flowers and the loos material, which will be perfect in summer

  this kimono is mainly blue and white and the material is cotton-like
it will be pretty in summer with a pretty dress or cute shorts
the sleeves are loose and wider at the ends
in front of it there are two little pockets and a some kind long collar going down

the quality is very good i like how it is crafted and the materials are pretty good...well lets see how long that good quality lasts
i´m so sorry that the clothes are so creased, i took the pictures right after i unpacked them

as a résumé i would say...i definatly will order there again
the only contra about it is that it takes sooo long time for the cloth to arrive

how about you...any experiences with sheinside?


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