misunderstood potatos

recently i learned sth new about potatoes - diet-wise
they are very much misunderstood with only 297 kJ or 70 kcal per 100g they are actually
not as bad as everybody who wants to loose weight would say 

the biggest part is actually water  - 77 g 
Im gonna make it short 
protein - 2g; 
fat - 0,1g
sugar - 0,78g
carbohydrate - 14,8g
and soooooo many vitamins and trace metals
vitamin C , E, K B6; thiamine, folate, riboflavin (b2)
calcium (12mg), iron (0,78mg), magnesium (23mg), sodium (6mg), zinc (0,28mg), 
phosphorus (57mg), potassium (421mg)

that actually is'nt that bad, is'nt it
and the best about potatoes is: you wont be hungry for a very long time and they are delicious
well i have a few recipes i wanna try out soon!!!!
once i have enough time im gonna share results with you :)
i've tried the first one yesterday

potatoes with chicken
per person you need:
250g potato with skin
100g turkey or chicken breast
0,5 teaspoon butter
1 small onion
1 teaspoon flour
100 ml vegetable consommé
30 ml milk
salt, pepper and nutmeg
fresh parsley

1. cook the potatoes with skin in a large pot with enough water to cover - for about 25 min

2. peel the potatoes and set aside

3.  cut the onion into small dices 

4. melt the butter and add the onion...braise it lightly until transparent
and sprinkle the flour over 
i used rye flour not wheat because its indigestible for me :) 
  but you can use any although rye is healthier than wheat


5. while stirring, add the vegetable consommé, milk and spices
6. simmer 1 minute
7. add the potatoes and fresh parsley and mix

8. meanwhile wash, clean and plate the turkey/chicken breast 
spice with salt, pepper and paprika 

fry until brown in a pan with some oil or coconut butter (which i prefer) 

9. and you´re done =)
season the potatoes...maybe you need to add a little more milk and vegetable consommé!!!
just try, tell my your experiences and 


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