L´oréal skin care review

i´ve been using the l´oréal triple active multi-protection moisturiser for two months now and i  absolutely love it
i am using the day and the night moisturiser 
the three actions are
  • long-lasting hydrations: the skin can retain water during the day better
  • protection: the skin´s natural protection against free radicals and UV rays (sun) is improved
  • radiance: the formula is enriched with caramide, vitamin B5 and sheabutter
they promise that your skin is immediately intensely hydrated and feels soft and comfortable and that the l´oréal paris dermo-expertise triple active multi-protection moisturiser*what a name* makes your skin look more radiant

i think that they fulfill these promises properly
my skin actually looks and feels much better since i use this moisturiser,
my skin is pretty dry and sensitive most of the time, my cheeks are really red because of the thin skin and i have to take care of it especially in winter when the temperatures are dropping, because the little veins can burst very easily...
so actually i have to look for a special skin care for that time of the year.
Do you have any experiences and suggestions for me??

Well back to l´oréal...i do like the moisturiser because my skin looks and feels way better,
i always had problems with very dry parts of my face-skin where little flakes of skin emerged from time to time and the skin felt very disgusting...Since I am using this moisturiser i don´t have that problem anymore, even if i forget to use it once.

i don´t think that it is a proper skin care product if you have really really dry skin like my sisters because it is not rich enough for that kind of skin.
she said that it felt good but the skin was only moisturised for a very short time.

*the packaging*

The white one, on the left, is for the day
this one is lighter and sinks in faster, it's not sticky!!
it's enriched with vitamin e, sheabutter and SPF
you can use this in the morning and evening... If you can not get the night cream.

The blue one on the right is for the night
the color is a light pink and it smells really good...btw the day cream also smells delicious
this one is enriched with omega 3 and 6 and glycerol.
It is actually richer than the day cream and its reassuring and regenerating and VERY moisturising,
the richer formula sinks in way slower but i don´t mind, because i am using this in the evening before i go to bed ;)

now my résumé is:
i love it, my skin really profits from this moisturiser... i think it is the best one i've tried so far and I  strongly recommend it. 

i only found it on feel unique...but only the day cream...sory
or here

Which moisturisers are you using? 
Can you compare this one with another and which do you think is the better one? 


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