there are days when everything is going just as perfect as possible and you would never ever think that anything could go wrong....
and then a day like my day today...everything went wrong and still is going wrong

i thought about this really long...if i should write a blogpost about that or if that is way too private
but i am hoping very much that someone out there can help me or maybe has been in the same situation i am in now.

now where do i begin...i think...its the best to start with...i actually have not the tiniest clue why this all happened or what the hell i´ve done wrong but...the thing boyfriends mum or actually my kind a future mother in law...threw my out of the house and said she does not want me to be a part of her life. best part...she never said one word to me personal... only to my boyfriend and he told me about it...what a courage of a grown up woman
now i am totally confused and really do´nt know what to do...any experiences?
since this day, she first said it would be ok the leave my stuff in my boyfriends flat in his parents house, then she insisted on moving them to my mothers...even the smallest piece...well ok i did that..but she is´nt relationship is suffering very much under this treatment and i am too.
i am absolutely helpless... and so is my boyfriend.
i am not sure what i can expect him to do, but at least he could accept the situation instead of forcing a solution...she will never change her point of few...and i do´nt even know where she´s looking...

i just have the feeling if i am the first one to start a talk about the problem...than i am loosing myself, my self-confidence, my pride...everything that helped my through my life and by the way she would think that i accept that she treats my like the dirt in her shoes and i am sure she would do it again, that she is actually searching for any of my faults or mistakes i make.

am i foolish or overreacting or maybe childish...i do´nt know and reeeeeaaaaly hope somebody can share experiences with me and what i could do, or my boyfriend
i just want to stop fighting with my fiancé!


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