actually i realized that glossy box is not such a new thing ;)
my sister told me about it a few weeks ago and i was on fire immediately
and I´ve got my first one recently
I loooove it
starting with the packaging

look how cute it is

- the body shop: honeymania Cream Body Scrub
- kryolan for glossy box: highlighter cashmere
- sante: lipgloss in No. 02 nude silk
- so susan cosmetics: universal blush
- catherine nail collection: nail file

well lets see
I have´nt tried the body scrub yet...but it smells really delicious and looks so great
the highlighter is reeeeeeeally great i love it and it looks very pretty on my skin
I´m not so sure about the lipgloss, the consistency is a little strange and the color is a little too bright
the blusher is so pretty its just a little shimmer on my cheeks and a lovely pink
I like the nail file...i´ve been looking for one like this for ages

I am soo much looking forward for the next month and the next box =)


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