a little about me

last night i was lying in bed...totally not tired...
actually i always have the best ideas at night in bed just before falling asleep...all the time, that is really annoying...well whatever ... ;)
i decided to do a little -about me- post
i realized that i am actually really late in all that blogging business...and i have the feeling that actually every time i have a idea for a blogpost, an other blogger some where on earth had blogged about already...

maybe loads of you just read this blog and think...for gods sake not another beauty, fashion, lifestyle...something blog...sorry but that is exactly what i want to blog about and what inspired me on doing this...if you are just bored by reading once more about a girl who bought a new lipstick...just stop =)
there a so many successful bloggers you hear rumors about lately...its honestly a little intimidating and sometimes i just think how the hell  did they get that famous and inspiring...but most of the time i think i am just a newcomer who actually does not even know everything about all that bloggingstuff
i.e. every blogger would tell me that i should do my blog in my language but i am doing my blog in english even if i am german....i honestly can not tell  why...but i think this is a chance to improve my english and to reach  a few more of you on this beautiful planet...this is where i ask you for your help...i think its very probable that i make maaany mistakes...it would be very helpful if you just tell me ;)
or do you think that is a bad idea?

actually i do not care that much...maybe that is a little childish...but it is my blog I am doing this for myself a blog is actually more like a public diary you can share as much or less of you life as you want to and that is exactly what i am doing...sharing my day, my news and my experiences with you so you can read it lough and think about it and maybe not buying stuff that is not worth the money ;) to learn from my mistakes before you do them yourself
that is actually very important for you too, if you are blogging yourself...it´s your blog you can decide what it is about...just do what ever you want ;)
well that is not a about me but...its a about thoughts :)


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