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whats in my bag-tag

i heard about this tag lately and now here i am and do a tag creative i am ;)
here´s the case you don´t know it =)
1. Post a picture of the bag that you are carrying.  Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting your very favorite one or that cute  little vintage clutch that you carried the last time you went out...I want to see the purse that you carried today!
2. Tell us how much it cost. Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge.  This is for entertainment purposes only. And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it.
3. Tell us what is in your bag.

this is my current bag, it´s from Zara and it was i think 49.99 something i love this bag SO much it´s the perfect size and sturdy enough for all the stuff i am carrying around all the time 
what is inside at first i have this strange quirk...i have a smaller bag in the bigger one... i don´t know anymore when i started it but i still do it... =) the smaller one i…

a "about me" tag

sorry i haven´t been blogging for so long i read about this "about me tag" in many blogs...well i was not tagged by anyone but i thought i don´t care and just do it: i tag myself ;) have fun!

facts: your name: Verena and nicknames: Reni, SliSli (long story ;) ), Renivre, Ena birthday:20th July 1992 place of birth:Landshut, Germany zodiac sign: cancer gender: female residence:Dorfen and Rosenehim screen name?:Vemiska any siblings:yes one sister, nina occupation?:student

appearance: your hair colour: brown and blonde...ombré hair length: pretty long eye colour:hazel/brown best feature: eyes i think  height?:1,68 m have or had braces?: i had them when i was 18...pretty late...yay...the happiest time in my life ;)
glasses?:Yes, but only for lectures and car driving tattoos?: Yes on my upper back (a phoenix) any piercing:ears righty or lefty: right

your 'firsts': first sport you joined:um...gymnastics (i

L´oréal skin care review

i´ve been using the l´oréal triple active multi-protection moisturiser for two months now and i  absolutely love it i am using the day and the night moisturiser  the three actions are long-lasting hydrations: the skin can retain water during the day betterprotection: the skin´s natural protection against free radicals and UV rays (sun) is improvedradiance: the formula is enriched with caramide, vitamin B5 and sheabutter they promise that your skin is immediately intensely hydrated and feels soft and comfortable and that the l´oréal paris dermo-expertise triple active multi-protection moisturiser*what a name* makes your skin look more radiant
i think that they fulfill these promises properly my skin actually looks and feels much better since i use this moisturiser, my skin is pretty dry and sensitive most of the time, my cheeks are really red because of the thin skin and i have to take care of it especially in winter when the temperatures are dropping, because the little veins can burs…


a few weeks ago i ordered some pieces at, a online store which exists since 2008 they actually have a page at every social media website like twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, tumblr and a blog (link below) i ordered at august 19th and a few days ago it was delivered...yay it took a while...but the package had a looong way to go to come to me  it actually came from shanghai  I am SO happy and can´t wait to wear my new cloth at last =D
first i ordered two fabulous cardigans

 this one is absolutely amazing i LOVE it sooo is perfect for this time of the year when the weather is getting colder and autumn is coming it´s not too warm and thick but perfect for a autumny breeze and the colors a soo pretty and autumn for more information about that or if you want to get it

this cardigan is maybe even better than the other one...its warmer and sooo cosy i love the way it…


there are days when everything is going just as perfect as possible and you would never ever think that anything could go wrong.... and then a day like my day today...everything went wrong and still is going wrong
i thought about this really long...if i should write a blogpost about that or if that is way too private but i am hoping very much that someone out there can help me or maybe has been in the same situation i am in now.
now where do i begin...i think...its the best to start with...i actually have not the tiniest clue why this all happened or what the hell i´ve done wrong but...the thing boyfriends mum or actually my kind a future mother in law...threw my out of the house and said she does not want me to be a part of her life. best part...she never said one word to me personal... only to my boyfriend and he told me about it...what a courage of a grown up woman now i am totally confused and really do´nt know what to do...any experiences? since this day, she first said …

a little about me

last night i was lying in bed...totally not tired... actually i always have the best ideas at night in bed just before falling asleep...all the time, that is really annoying...well whatever ... ;) i decided to do a little -about me- post i realized that i am actually really late in all that blogging business...and i have the feeling that actually every time i have a idea for a blogpost, an other blogger some where on earth had blogged about already...
maybe loads of you just read this blog and think...for gods sake not another beauty, fashion, lifestyle...something blog...sorry but that is exactly what i want to blog about and what inspired me on doing this...if you are just bored by reading once more about a girl who bought a new lipstick...just stop =) there a so many successful bloggers you hear rumors about lately...its honestly a little intimidating and sometimes i just think how the hell  did they get that famous and inspiring...but most of the time i think i am just a newcomer…

amazing restaurant

yesterday i went to munich with my boyfriend just for a little stroll and some shopping =) i spent waaaay too much really...and soo much time in forever 21 and H&M but i got soooo pretty pieces and i am so excited to wear them :D at last we had some time to have lunch ;) and we decided to have it at the Literaturhaus

loved it <3...its actually a little expensive but soo delicious and special we both had tuna tartar with a mango-avocado chutney and salad and a chicken salad

if you are ever in munich...try it =) its worth the money


actually i realized that glossy box is not such a new thing ;) my sister told me about it a few weeks ago and i was on fire immediately and I´ve got my first one recently I loooove it starting with the packaging

look how cute it is

- the body shop: honeymania Cream Body Scrub - kryolan for glossy box: highlighter cashmere - sante: lipgloss in No. 02 nude silk - so susan cosmetics: universal blush - catherine nail collection: nail file

well lets see I have´nt tried the body scrub yet...but it smells really delicious and looks so great the highlighter is reeeeeeeally great i love it and it looks very pretty on my skin I´m not so sure about the lipgloss, the consistency is a little strange and the color is a little too bright the blusher is so pretty its just a little shimmer on my cheeks and a lovely pink I like the nail file...i´ve been looking for one like this for ages
I am soo much looking forward for the next month and the next box =)

misunderstood potatos

recently i learned sth new about potatoes - diet-wise they are very much misunderstood with only 297 kJ or 70 kcal per 100g they are actually
not as bad as everybody who wants to loose weight would say 
the biggest part is actually water  - 77 g  Im gonna make it short  protein - 2g;  fat - 0,1g sugar - 0,78g carbohydrate - 14,8g and soooooo many vitamins and trace metals vitamin C , E, K B6; thiamine, folate, riboflavin (b2) calcium (12mg), iron (0,78mg), magnesium (23mg), sodium (6mg), zinc (0,28mg),  phosphorus (57mg), potassium (421mg)
that actually is'nt that bad, is'nt it and the best about potatoes is: you wont be hungry for a very long time and they are delicious well i have a few recipes i wanna try out soon!!!! once i have enough time im gonna share results with you :) i've tried the first one yesterday
per person you need: 250g potato with skin 100g turkey or chicken breast 0,5 teaspoon butter 1 small onion 1 teaspoon flour 100 ml vegetable consommé 30 ml milk …