shocking coral

test 2: shocking coral
yesterday i went shopping with my mum in munich =) yey
with my new lipstick on
my mums first reaction: wow what a barbie pink...and yes it is

like vibrant mandarin it is creamy and very pigmented and a quite shocking pink on the lips
but it´s difficult to capture it on a photo, but i tried:

in reality it is a little brighter...sorry about that :( was talking about shopping...
 first i bought new shoes yey

looooove them

second: my new favorite store in munich
Forever 21
i´ve bought a dress and a top and nothing else although there have been so many pretty pieces

cute little dress, nearly knee long with a littla petticoatlike underskirt
this is just the prettist color 
on top is a beautiful lace that is kind a floating loos over the dress

 now my camera was messing a little...the color is actually more a greeny petrol than this dark blue
i´m soooooooooo sorry :(
link below shows you the real color

now thats it...not very much ;) 
but i´m so looking forward on wearing it


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