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shocking coral

test 2: shocking coral yesterday i went shopping with my mum in munich =) yey with my new lipstick on my mums first reaction: wow what a barbie pink...and yes it is

like vibrant mandarin it is creamy and very pigmented and a quite shocking pink on the lips but it´s difficult to capture it on a photo, but i tried: tadaaa was talking about shopping...  first i bought new shoes yey

looooove them

second: my new favorite store in munich Forever 21 i´ve bought a dress and a top and nothing else although there have been so many pretty pieces

cute little dress, nearly knee long with a littla petticoatlike underskirt this is just the prettist color  on top is a beautiful lace that is kind a floating loos over the dress

 now my camera was messing a little...the color is actually more a greeny petrol than this dark blue i´m soooooooooo sorry :( link below shows you the real color…

vibrant mandarin

test 1: vibrant mandarin

my first impression was: gosh what a color...its georgious but you have to be brave to wear it...well actually it is not that vibrant as it seems to be the color is a little neonish and its more like a pink-orange...on my lips its even more pink or red...thats maybe just because of my lips ;) but most iimportant: it feels great on my lips!!! its moisturising and really creamy...not as shiny as i thought but i like it

now finally my conclusion: if you are looking for an orange lipstick that is not too shiny, bright and shocking this is the right choice :)  I recommend it 


well, lets do an english post ... maybe some of you would like to understand all the stuff i´m talking about :) please just ignore all my mistakes ;)
nooow...i picked up some pretty lipsticks today :D well actually two 

they´re both from Maybelline  the upper one is 910 - shocking coral and the lower is 914 - vibrant mandarin
ohh damn...i just realised it on my hand its the other way round

uuuhhh i´m always so excited about new lipsticks and sooo much looking forward on trying them i guess they are really creamy and shiny...they felt like that on my hand and they seem to be so pigmented...i will tell you all about it as soon as i gave them a try


uuuiiii heute war ja der 24. das heißt nur noch vier monate bis weihnachten...das mir das jetzt erst auffällt, aber es war auch einer dieser tage an denen man im grunde nicht besonders viel tut und es trotzdem anstrengend war

oh vielleicht ein bisschen werbung...für alle von euch, die in den nächsten beiden wochen in münchen sind oder in der nähe

jedenfalls weiß ich wie viel dafür geprobt wird und was es für eine außergewöhnliche inszenierung ist
(und die location erst...ich muss unbeingt ein paar photos machen ;D) ...aus eigener erfahrung...ich sag nur fünf oder mehr stunden täglich feilen an musik, choreographie und regie...aber was soll man sagen es macht einfach zu viel spaß...das können bestimmt viele von euch nachvollziehen

morgen gehts weiter also erstmal gute nacht!!!