Welcome 2016 - a new year with new chances

This year I decided to split it up.
My last years review turned out to be pretty negative and sad and I wanted this new year to be as positive as possible =D
and that means I am writing a different post to welcome 2016 so


I cant wait to see what you have planed for me and I hope its only good stuff ;) 
and if not I hope you´ll give me enough strength to fight my way through

Well what do I wish for in this brand new year?
I am not too sure I am not having any new years resolutions at all.
I thought bout it  but in the end I think most of our resolutions get lost after two or three month so what to do?
I decided to do it in a little other way and make new month resolutions ;)
So every month I´ll be doing a month review and a new month resolution :) 
So by the time I am doing my favourites on my YouTube channel I´ll be doing a lifestyle kind of review here on my blog
with resolutions for the new month =D
What do you think? A good plan?
I am just always thinking that it is one of the most important things to do small steps towards a future you are dreaming of. Just step by step and you wont struggle to keep on walking strong without falling over ;) 

In the end of cause I have some resolutions for the year but its actually only things like drinking more, working out more and be healthier.
Just stuff every one is planning for the new year ;)

For january my resolutions are
- stay strong
- be patient
- say yes and be brave to do things which frighten you
- keep calm
- be productive and not lazy ;)

I know its a little bit vague, but I know what is challenging me this month and I am hoping very strong that I can stand by those january resolutions. 

What are your resolutions for this new month?
Or for the new year?


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