Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rainy Days in Summer

Hey guys :) how are you doooing ^^
I hope you all have an aamazing time and a splendid summer ;)
and I hope your summer is a little more summery than mine ;) especially weather wise ^^

unfortunately german summer can be really rainy and unfortunately its getting cold as soon as it rains
and its suuuuper hot as soon as the sun is back out, so basically we are living between days with 30°C and 15°C ;) haha I prefer the 15 ° tho ;)

pic source

Many rainy days mean much time you spend inside and that means basically that you should think about a good program ;) otherwise you´ll sleep all day ;) hahaha well I would probably ;)

I probably have to admit how much I love such a rainy day ;) I looove listening to the rain falling, I love the atmosphere and how it makes me feel ;)

;) (pic source)

The best thing about spending a rainy Sunday at home is the idea of cuddling up on the sofa reading a good book, watching amazing movies or catching up on your favorite tv series
I love to do this and if you need some series to watch inspiration - click here - for my favorite ones lately ;)

The only thing that makes such a day perfect is not only the best company but also the perfect culinary accompaniment ^^

Depending on the time of the day my favourites are an amazing cuppa or a delicious glas of wine and something yummy to nibble like crisps or popcorn ;) or an amazing piece of a self-made cake ^^

I recently discovered the SkinnyPop Popcorn which is popcorn for guilt free snacking ^^ never a bad thing, isn´t it ;)

Weather you are  counting the calories or not my favourite about this is their wine and popcorn pairing. Its such a fun idea and I never would have thought about testing which wine goes best with which popcorn flavour. 

Basically I am a white wine and rosé kind of girl ;) don´t know it that is an age thing or a girl thing I just enjoy those more so lets see ^^

I love Pinot Grigio so I should try it with some Jalapeno flavour should I ;) hahaha this is soo funny ;) I love it 
What else... Sauvignon Blanc is an amazing wine and it seems to be perfect with Sea Salt & Pepper hmm yes sounds good ;) same for an amazing Zinfandel :) nice

I really want to try this asap - I love it

Have you ever thought about a perfect wine and popcorn pairing?
I mean wine and cheese yes, wine and cheese and grapes of cause ;) but this ^^ every heard about this?

If you want to learn a little more about Skinny Pop click here - really looks like an amazing brand ^^
Unfortunately its only an US thing atm and there is no shipping yet, but you can get it via amazon ;)

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 
What are your favourite snacks and which one is your perfect pairing?

With lots of love

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

About this years Opera Incognita Production - Rienzi

Hello everybody :)

Once again I am in the middle of many many rehearsals for this years opera production
And I enjoy every second of it ;)

This year is the 11th birthday of Opera Incognita and we are preparing a very spacial piece of musical history

Richard Wagner´s Rienzi :)

Its a hard one and a loooooot to memorize ;) 
Its so much fun and it´s going to be an amazing staging ^^

The special thing about Opera Incognita is that we are always doing very spacial operas and those that are rarely played ;) aand the special places.
This year we are in a auditorium in Munich´s LMU ^^

I cant wait for the first time we can rehears there ;) 

If you are in Munich on 27th of august or on 3rd, 7th, 9th or 10th of September you really should swing by ;)

Many people say that Wagner is pretty heavy and exhausting but this staging is going to be anything but boring or exhausting ;)
We have so much fun rehearsing it already and I am sure it is going to be very much fun to watch

The basic setting is going to be a lecture about politics and history and the story of the opera is kind of part of a demonstration about different political situations. Its about social differences, war, love and conspiracy.
The plot is pretty long and maaany things are happening ;) and it would be far to much to talk about everything here ;) If you are interested have a little read ;)

So if you are around come on over and say hi ^^
and don´t miss a lot of fun ^^

With lots of love

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Five Favourite Things Sunday - Series

Hi guys how are you :)
I cant tell you how much I enjoy being back here, and back writing...
I´ll do a little post on where I´ve been and why I´ve not written anything at all in July which was a really hard time for me.
Its a lot and I want to take time to write this post, because its a hard one for me to write and I want to help some of you how might be in the same situation..so I´ll take my time :)

I planned this post for today a long time ago, so why not ;)

I wanted to write about my five favourite TV shows I especially enjoyed watching lately

Stranger Things

pic source

This is a pretty new show and I thinks its a Netflix Original series ;)
I started watching this about two weeks ago and I was obsessed the minute I started the first episode ;)
It is a supernatural horror drama which you can watch in eight episodes of season two, I´ve read a lot about a potential second season btw ;) so I am excited already ^^
The story plays in the early 80s and starts basicly with the disappering of a 12 year old boy on his way home. It has everything from first loves, strong friendships and strange secret government research facilities. More and more people disappear and the friends of the lost boy, his family and the towns sheriff search for him and learn more and more strange things. A scary monster hounting the woods and a unwordly youg girl called Eleven appears, who may be the result of either scientific or supernatural interventions. Nothing stays the same and more mysteries appear every season.
Its sooo scary and thrilling...I binge watched episode three to eight and could not stop at all :)
Its aaaaamazing, don`t miss it ^^


pic source

Finally its on german Netflix aaaand I was sooo excited :)
Its on sixx in german TV for a pretty long time now, but I never seemd to be able to watch it.
Its so new and something I´ve never seen before basically :)
I mean, nothing new about zombies, but a zombie trying to live a life amongst the living ans working in a morgue...NEW ^^
Its about a young and very talented doctor called Liv who went on a boat party got scratched, died and woke up as a Zombie...pretty life changing ;)
She quits her job at the hospital, calls of a planned wedding and tries to make a life out of the new situation. She soon learns about the special thing about eating brains which she gets from the dead in the morgue, she sees everything about how they got killed and that changes everything again and she starts to work on cases with a police officer to catch the killer :)
I love it :) everything a good show needs to entertain ^^

Bates Motel

pic source

In as few words a possible: Ever watched Psycho by Hitchcock? This is basically a prequel.
The show follows Norma Bates attempt to start a new life after the death of her husband with her son Norman. They buy a small town motel and try to make a living of it.
All hopes are dashed after the sexually assault by the motels former owner. This leads to a chain of events. The families twisted dynamics become clearer as time passes and we become witnesses of how it all started.

Hemlock Grove

pic source
Hemlock Grove is a supernatural horror story based on a novel by Brian McGreevy.
The murder of Brooke Bluebell in a small town leads to suspicions toward Peter Rumancek who is the new Gypsy guy in town and  Roman Godfrey, the heir to the Godfrey estate and the oldest child of the most influential family in town
Besides the vampirism and werewolf stories this series is an amazing original and refreshing view on things and a surprising approach on well known myths and legends.
Its an amazing series and I can highly recommend it to everybody who likes a good horror show which is not too scary ;)


pic source

This is an amazing series and an origin story of the DC Comics villains and vigilantes. There a thrilling stories revealing a new chapter of Batman´s childhood and Penguins roots.
It follows the rise of James Gordon starting as a young detective through a dangerously corrupt city teetering the edge of evil and chronicles the birth of many super heroes and super villains.
I really enjoy watching this and see the origins of all the well known characters.

Have you watched any of these? What do you think?
Which series can you recommend? Any I missed so far?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ^^
I wish you all a super exciting and successful new week :)
Enjoy the sun

With lots of love

Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Conclusion & July Resolution

This was the worst ending of a month ever
and I am hurt so much and I don´t understand why I have to get through this.

I hate him and can´t hate him...I love him and can´t love him
I am soo confused but its over now and I know it a good thing
I know its the right thing, but I don´t know why it hurts so much if it is right
I want to cry all the time and at the same time I don´t want to cry anymore,
I want to have back what we had and I want be happy again, I want back what we had.
I want it to stop hurting so much. I want him to stop being afraid ...

Its a few days later now and I feel a little bit better
I don´t know what to think or what I want, but I am still sure its kind of good how it is now

well what else...june was full of stuff and a lot happened
due date for my bachelor thesis is over now .... I am very glad ;)
The presentation is the day after tomorrow and I am sooooooooo afraid...
I really don´t know what to expect...cross your fingers for me ^^
Thursday is the entrance test for the masters degree...soo excited ^^
I had many great days last month and was happy most of the time.
Its so sad that you forget all the good things after such a heart breaking shock ...
this really changes everything so much, more I ever thought it could :(
I have many good moments but the bad ones are staying in my memory so much more...
June was a good month in general, but what happened just changed it all...

My june resolution were:
- stay on top of things
- stay productive and positive
- keep on working, only a few weeks to go
- enjoy as much as possible
- surround myself with happy thoughts and positive moments
- keep a open mind to be able to be creative

Well...first month I did not have the resolution to stay faithful and strong and immediately I failed and lost my strength
for the shortest time and with this I lost everything I fought for, for such a long time...I know it was good...
but I somehow lost my faith and my believe in fighting for love.
Well I will get it back someday, I am sure I will, and I will learn to trust again, because I want to.
I was preeetty good in staying on top of things...most of the time^^
I only failed in blogging a little ;) sorry peeps

pic source

July is going to be a pretty relaxed month for me :)
Only my presentation on Tuesday and the test on Thursday and after this - the semester is over ^^
and my whole Bachelor studies are o.O wow...just realised that ^^
There are going to be many rehearsals for the opera project in september but besides that I´ll have a looot of free time ^^

so my july resolutions are:

- do something special everyday (even if its only a teeny tiny thing)
- go outside and enjoy life
- do some traveling (even if its only the next bigger city)
- stop crying and learn the new way of life
- meet friends and celebrate life
- have fun and heal your heart
- be active and discover new places
- be yourself and stop trying to be someone for somebody who wont appreciate it
- learn to love yourself again

Most important for me is definitely to heal and to bet better.
To lean to love myself again and to learn that it is the others loss if they don´t want my in my life anymore.
So be confident or try to be :)

July also is my birthday month ^^ I am not very excited for it,
but its probably going to be a nice day :)

I hope you all had a very nice june and a way better ending to it than I had :)
and I hope you all will have an aaaaaaamazing JULY
its summer and we all should be happy as a bee ^^

With lots of love

Friday, 1 July 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish in Little Duck | a Review

Hello everybody ^^
How was your week? Are you all right?

Guess what ^^ A new friday, a new review ;)
Today I have a Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish for you

This is "Little Duck"

buy it here

This colour is so gorgeous and soooo summery and fresh and bright and just ... heavenly ^^
probably one of my fave ever summer colours :)

Its a very fresh and bright turquoise - green
It looks far more blue in the pic...for some reason
its paler in reality
If you know Essies Mint Candy Apple - this is pretty much like it, just a little more bluish ^^
Its just the nicest colour to freshen up the heat of the summer

Also I am getting the swing of applying these polishes and its far easier now ;)
I think its just the shape of the brush that makes it a little harder. I think because of the tip being straight and not round its harder to get a nice line at the lower end of the nail. 
You can see what I mean pretty good on the pic above ^^
The formula is very nice, which makes it easier to apply, and the polish stays very good on the nails :)
So...like I said in my last TBC nail polish review - its amazing you only have to get used to the applying :)

All in all...I do recommend this because its just soooo beautiful
the colour the packaging - just everything ^^ 

With lots of love

Sunday, 26 June 2016

My Last Weeks Lunches

Hi guys :)
How are you today? 

I thought after making this video I´d share a few more pics with you over here on my blog ;)
Its all about my last weeks lunches and there are sooo many quick any easy and healthy recipes in this :) I am sure you gonna like it ;)

On Sunday I had a Beetroot and Feta Salad

On Monday I made a delicious cous cous bake

On Tuesday I had some aaamazing spaghetti with spinach

Lettuce Tacos on Wednesday

This Mango - Mozarella - Avocado Salad was an amazing meal on Thursday

This recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe - It was so good on Friday

And last but not least these baked potatoes, a perfect aaturday meal

If you want to know anything about the ingredients click on the video ;) you´ll see everything there
and if there are any questiones feel free to leave a comment :*

Hope you all have an amazing time
and please tell me everysing about it if you try any of my recipes

With lots of love

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book at least 100 years older than you

Good evening bookworms :)
Guess what I am still reading ^^ haha who would have guessed it ;)
Today I have my book for the category a book at least 100 years older than you
to be honest this is probably one of the easiest categories to find a book for :)

The imaginary invalid or Le Malade imaginaire

pic source

Again a nice review from goodreads

The imaginary invalid or The Hypochondriac is the last comedy and at the same time the last play written by Molière. It is a comedy-ballet in three acts.
In Molière’s outrageous satire of medicine and its practitioners, the wealthy Argan, to put it mildly, "enjoys" poor health. Laxatives, suppositories, bloodlettings, and second and third opinions from the leading quacks are the order of his day and hell on his wily, back-talking servant Toinette. His daughter Angélique is in love with the impoverished Cléante, but Argan wants to marry her to Thomas Diafoirus, a medical dunce who can assure his father-in-law a lifetime of health care. Cléante disguises himself as a music teacher to gain access to his love, but Béline, Argan’s mercenary second wife, threatens to expose them. A disguised Toinette, sage advice from his brother Béralde, and a faked death scene finally teach Argan where to place his trust.
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

I did like reading it :) I like the writing style and I love the dialogues ^^
I recommend it to anyone who likes to read a good play :)
a good 7 out of 10 ;)

Have you read this yet?
What are your plans for this category?

With lots of love

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Somedays Summary Sunday - Where have I been?

Hello everyone ^^
How have you ll been? I hope you had an amazing time and that you all are well :)

Now...those of you reading my blog on a regular basis are probably wondering where I have been the last weeks. 
Well that question is very easily answered. 
In my last Somedays Summary I wrote about being back to uni and starting my last semester of studying interiour architecture. Well that last semester is nearly over now and to finish my study I have to write a bachelor thesis and that is what I did the last days ^^

I wanted to apologise for being such a bad blogger, but to be honest there are situations in life which are just more important that blogging...especially when being as successful as I am. 
I love blogging and I will keep on doing it, but I try to see it as positive as possible and just think "At least it´s not too bad if I miss a few days".

♥  I am obsessed with Snapchat (Vemiska) lately ^^ haha I love those filters so much, its sooo much fun :)

♥  on thursday was the due date for my bachelor thesis -  I was soooooo excited and so afraid...and I am still...soo afraid I forgot something or that everything went wrong

♥  in a few weeks I have my presentation of the thesis. 5th of july is my date and now I want it to be perfect and I´ll probably be a bag of nerves ^^

♥ I cant wait until everything is over...

♥  this weekend I was to a family day at my dads work. He´s working for a company which is manufacturing plains and stuff and we´ve been watching all the stunning plains flying...and I got a sunburn...majorly ;) haha even if I wore sunscreen...haha. I hope it´ll turn into a nice tan ^^♥  this weekend I was to a family day at my dads work. He´s working for a company which is manufacturing plains and stuff and we´ve been watching all the stunning plains flying...and I got a sunburn...majorly ;) haha even if I wore sunscreen...haha. I hope it´ll turn into a nice tan ^^

♥  also the anxious feelings of what will happen once I am finished with my bachelor are still huge and I am really really unsure what will happen next. I applied for a masters degree in interiour architecture at the same uni...we will see what will happen - so nervous

♥  the anxious feelings in general are a bit better since last time I did a somedays summary, especially in ralation to one thing...but I don´t know anything for sure so I´ll stop talking here ^^
I am pretty proud of how I fought my way through the last weeks...it was hard...but I did it and I did not give up even if I was very close very often. The only thing I am still struggling a lot is trains and rooms and huge groups of people, it better or worse depending on the situation and I hate it a lot...

♥  all my flat mates moved out and it really strange in my flat now...so empty and so quiet. At first I did not like it at all because it felt lonely and I was so jumpy, but not I enjoy it soo much ^^ haha

♥  the rehearsals for this years opera project already started and its rough. We are doing Richard Wagners Rienzi and Wagner is rough. Its long and difficult and I cant say I am excited to memorise all those words ^^ haha

♥  I many new posts planned and many new ideas or old ideas I had not the chance to work on ^^ so a maximum of two weeks of being absent ;) than I am back 100% and I cant wait because I miss blogging a lot :)

♥  Today I published one of my fave videos ever ^^ I am very happy how it turned out ;) yaay!!! There will be a special post on it soon :)

I hope you all are very well?
What have you been up to lately?
Have an amazing week :*

With lots of love

Friday, 17 June 2016

Favourite Nail Polishes for Spring

Hello everyone :) How are you all?
After such a long time I wanted to do a little post about my fave nailpolishes for spring :)
Now that spring is nearly over and summer is so close I have to add that most of these colours are so amazing for summer too :)

for a little closer look here are my faves for spring
for swatches and more details just click on the video above or click here to go to my channel site

Quick Dry 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 10B 
This is the most amazing blue colour - I wear it as often as possible - just so vibrant and glowing ^^

Rival de Loop
Glitter Sensation Nail Polish
Its a nice detail to add to a regular polish - its not too much but still a cute sparkle 

this is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes ever - the nicest pale cindarellay blue

Color Riche Top Coat in Jackie Tweed
This is a pretty, subtle topcoat on many different nail polish colours. I love the yellow, orange and blue sprinkles - it like decorating cupcakes ^^

Midnight Times Square Nail Polish in Midnight Meremaid
I love the look of this polish. Amazing on its own and soooo pretty as a top coat
- especially in combination with an other minty green!

again one of my all time faves - also an perfect summer colour - the perfect minty green

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish in 510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
I love yellow nail polishes - they are pretty rare but I love the pop of colour yellow nails add to any look

Rival de Loop 
Express Nails Nail Polish in 210
such a vibrant pink colour - I actually am wondering why I am not wearing this more often

Lotus Effect Nail Polish 43K
This is such a nice colour - also perfect for summer - a nice neony pink with a orange undertone

Tanya Burr Cosmetics 
Nail Polish in mini marshmallow
This is such a nice pink ^^ perfect for spring - I love it a loooooot

again one of my absolute faves - the nicest pale pink

Lotus Effect Nail Polish in 30N
such a nice nudy brown, very neutral and looking amazing on the nails

Nail Lacquer Nail Polish in Glints of Glinda
This is one of my fave nail polishes ever, a perfect nude for me :) 

Super Nails Nail Polish in 01
this is one nice polish and very versatile. You can use it on its own or as top coat 

I really do love this nail treatment - I wear this all the time also on its own and I really have to say that I see a difference on my nails ^^

Which are your favourite nail polishes for spring?
What do you think about my picks?

I hope you all have a nice weekend :*

With lots of love

Sunday, 5 June 2016

May Conclusion & June Resolution

Hi guys :)
guess what may is already over. Twas not over as fast as other month have been, but looking back it was actually really fast ^^

May was generally good. I had many short little panic moments, but in general it was good.
Not to much to fight and many moments I loved and wich made me super happy. 
Many situations got clearer and some are totally clear now. I am still struggling a lot with how my life will go on and what will happen next or what I should do after my bachelor thesis and where. And there are so many thing coming together now that I feel totally overwhelmed so often and that is my main source of panicking or struggling. I am more one of those people who are afraid of the future, big time, and I´d love to be more like...oh well lets see what will come, but I´m not. And standing at a point like I am at the moment is really really hard for me, because what ever will happen its going to be a major change. 
I am trying very hard to stay positive, I do, and I think it´ll be alright :)

I finished the first part of my bachelor thesis this month and got a good part of the sekond part done, but I am still not sure if it is going to end up in a good way, I really do hope so!!!

Unfortunately my blog had to take a backseat in the last weeks, which I am very sorry and not happy about, but there is just something more important in my life now, something which will define my futur, and I´d love to say that my blog is my future, but it does not look like it. Same thing for my youtube channel . I made many videos wich I liked a lot, but it just had to wait a little lately.

Well well, let see what I thought about may:
- stay productive
- work hard for the bachelor thesis
- keep on working hard and keep the stress away
- strong, calm, patient faithful
- keep on believing
- go outside more, meet friends and do not hide
- travel as much as possible - visit and find new places
- finally getting my new MacBook Pro...saving money for it for sooo long now and I finally have enough

I was productive and worked hard for the BA...even if I am not happy with how long everything took.
I was strong, calm, patient and faithful even if it was not very hard to be last month ;) :*
I GOT MY NEW MACBOOK and I am in love with it!!! I called it Theodore and its a 13" MacBook Pro - with all the best things included <3 the best thing I ever spent money on - a looooooot of money ^^ totally worth it

So I think I can say May was a good month. So many things get better and better and once the whole "What will happen next" question ist answered I think I will be a happy bee again ;)

So, please June be good to me and help me stay calm

pic source

June is going to be half stressful until the 16th when I have my due date for the thesis and half productive when I have to prepare my presentation. I am trying to be faithful that everything will go right and I think if I stay positive it´s going to be alright ;)

For June I want:
- stay on top of things
- stay productive and positive
- keep on working, only e few weeks to go
- enjoy as much as possible
- surround myself with happy thoughts and positive moments
- keep a open mind to be able to be creative 

pic source

To be honest I cant wait for this month to be over because that will mean I am done with this stressful thing called bachelor thesis - yes ;)
But I want to enjoy it as well, because you never want to waste time and you never know what will happen, do you ;) so enjoy as much as possible and work hard to make your dreams come true or to even make the dreams come to your mind ^^ if that makes sense ;)

Well how was May for you?
Anything special to tell me about - I´d love to know it ^^
and what are your plans for june?

I hope you all will have an aaaaamazing June ;)

With lots of love